Monday, October 4, 2010

Madame Arcarti Returns plus Foot Fetish !

a present to us from Danny DeVito-pic of his foot!

The dame who put the Fear of God into Fleet Street's finest has resurrected herself in the form of writer Victor Olliver at the excellent British web-site

Best to click this link and read his excellent pieces but in the meantime below is a fab video illustrating his article on a TV Scientology doco. It's BBC reporter Alan Johnson losing his rag when confronted by a Scientology heavyweight. It's wonderfully schizophrenic as Johnson seems to switch between rage and calmness in a flash.

Regular Shuttlers will recall our piece on the late London society hostess Lady Edith Foxwell when we encountered Scientology founder L.Ron Hubbard at one of her cocktail parties in London and she informed the Shuttle that he always brought crates of French champagne when he came visiting.

## Whilst on interstellar matters-next Tuesday we are looking forward to the party at Omega's swish Castlereigh boutique to meet the second man to walk on the Moon-Buzz Aldrin (left)-or depending on your beliefs, one of the co-stars of the conspiracy to fake the Moon walks.

We've had to promise the PR we won't grill Buzz on the conspiracy as he's likely to physically lash out even though he has found God after his space trip.

On Wednesday ace jeweller Stefan Canturi who is now wowing them with boutiques in New York and on Rodeo Drive launches his new perfume at Bennelong Restaurant in the Opera House and Saturday night brings the ever so genteel Black & White Ball with it's Debutante's Derby ( we'll be filming it for the new tSS video channel) with special guest Christian the Lion author John
above : Stefan Canturi & Barbie

Nicole Kidman wears Canturi

That Rage Video :