Thursday, October 14, 2010

Australia the "Dumb Blonde"-what about Jennifer Hawkins ?

A mis-leading title ? Of course it is- but a day after we attended the launch of one of our favourite (and cleverest) blonde's new business ventures, British marketing expert Simon Anholt has labelled Australia as the "dumb blonde of the world" in a report in Melbourne's Age newspaper

When Jennifer Hawkins won the Miss Universe title in 2004 few could have predicted the extraordinary success that would follow her win except perhaps Miss Universe boss Donald Trump who has said that Jennifer is one of his all time favourite contestants. He keeps in regular contact with her.

Jen listens for the cash register's ring

Her triumphant return to Australia that year was unlike any tour taken by a celebrity.

Excited crowds greeted her tour of the country over  2 weeks of appearances in major cities.

A rock band would have been envious of the hysteria that followed Jennifer wherever she went.

A couple of mis-haps along the way like a wardrobe malfunction (snapped exclusively by the Shuttle) just increased the mania.

On Wednesday at the Gazebo Wine Bar in Kings Cross, Jennifer launched her own range of teetering stilettos to add to her business empire that has said to have earned her so far, in excess of $20M.

 Here are a few snaps from the night of Jen and her models wearing some of her new range of shoes-and that dress mishap picture that went whirling around the world in 2004.