Friday, October 1, 2010

Exclusive ! Big Guns Called in over David Jones Case

Frank Monte with female bodyguards

Hard on the heels of the report that former department store boss Mark McInnes sent text messages to the publicist Kristy Fraser-Kirk who is suing him - a press release thuds onto the Shuttle desk from private investigator Frank Monte announcing the following :

"Recently there have been remarks and assertions and imputations by Kristy Fraser-Kirk the claimant in the David Jones scandal put to the court and in public to friends and associates that Mr Frank Monte Private Investigator carried out illegal attempts at bugging, stalking or bombing her, all of which are serious illegal acts and so actionable at Criminal law.
These untrue statements accuse Mr. Monte, who has 44 years' experience in the business and is licensed in Australia and other parts of the Globe to have acted in a criminal act and she said this without regard to the truth.
Mr Monte believes such statements to be acts designed at pressuring him and his team into ceasing his lawful activities pursuant with his rights to investigate M/s Kristy Fraser-Kirk and others to the fullest extent of the law."

Earlier today we heard how Mark McInnes who is accused by Fraser-Kirk of "sexual intimidation" had sent a number of text messages to his accuser stating :

"I am pleading with you to show some mercy ... or everything I have worked for or earnt [sic] is gone,"

"I will be totally destroyed ... I no [sic] my attempt to kiss u was wrong and im so so so so sorry but I am about to lose everything I have in my life so please please please please have some compassion on me and we will settle this as you wish."

Yesterday Kristy Fraser-Kirk's lawyers claimed in court that she could not move outside her apartment following newspaper reports that Monte had been hired to investigate her.

Monte further states :
"These statements have led him in the past few days to request his legal team of Beazley Singleton and Mr. Clive Evatt Barrister, to commence legal proceedings against M/s Kristy Fraser-Kirk for defamation and perjury forthwith, as such statements are untrue and malicious and designed to interfere with Mr Monte's rights and to injure him and stop him carrying out his lawful business. Mr. Monte's legal team have all the evidence before them as to the identity, correspondence and fees transactions, identifying Mr.Monte's client in this matter. This is also designed to cease the parties alluding that Mr. Monte 'Claims' to have been hired to investigate the plaintiff".

Fraser-Kirk is suing her former boss McInnes and the department store chain David Jones for $30M in the biggest ever sexual harassment suit. Clive Evatt is one of Australia's most astute libel barristers.