Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Distant Cousins #3 ?

Sir Norman Wisdom

On a sad day that it's revealed one of Britain's most enduring stars, Sir Norman Wisdom has passed away at the ripe age of 95, we feel compelled to ask if he was perchance related to the popular singing star Robbie Williams (right) who bears a striking similarity to the the professional comedian and actor.

Fact : Sir Norman was a mega star in Albania after his films were the only western movies allowed to be screened under the Communist government because of Wisdom's roles as the oppressed worker who triumphs over the ruling classes !

Fact : Working class born Robbie Williams was known as the "funny man of the group' when he fronted Take That in it's early days and his first solo single 'Feel' was a No1 hit in Albania !

Fact : In his early films Wisdom's manic performances were once described as 'like someone on LSD'

Fact : During many of his early performances Williams has admitted he was usually on cocaine.
Surely they are related !. We should be told.

Watch popular crooner Robbie Williams sing his latest hit !