Friday, October 29, 2010

Designing Woman

"When in doubt, redesign the client ".
That's a quote from the excellent architectural writer on the Sydney Morning Herald, Elizabeth Farrelly one of our most ardent critics of the property developers who have blighted the Sydney skyline with ghastly concrete and glass monstrosities.

The term came to mind at last night's party at Charles Billich's Art Bar for Bondi fashion designer Tahli Jatali.

another Billich art work !
The Shuttle was there by mistake.

Collared earlier in the day by Art Bar manager Karim Gharbi ( who calls his PR company KGB), your hard of hearing scribe thought he was inviting us to a bash for Tupou .

That's His Royal Majesty George Tapou V, the King of Tonga. He is, after all a guest in town of  Charles and wife Christa Billich. Charles is painting his official portrait.
We knew we were at the wrong party when a reams of 20 somethings piled in.

Dr Wayne Young & friend
Amongst them was the Harley Street trained Dr Wayne M.Young , who runs the FreshFace Clinic.

 Dr Young as a precocious 6 year old child in South Africa often informed his mother when she frowned at him, that her  wrinkles could become permanent if the wind changed. He knew he had found his calling.

He scolded the Shuttle when we told him his fame as a plastic surgeon of note had spread far and wide. Channelling Dame Edna Everage and her 'face furniture' gorgeous sets of spectacles, he sniffed -" I am a face designer !".

We noticed another guest when she sailed by tailed by a film crew.

J'anus McG
 Her name, rather intrigingly was J'anus McG. J'anus was wearing a snappy short dress and at the back there appeared to be a sales tag hanging from the zipper. Upon informing her young J'anus responded :

" Oh I'm a celebrity and designers lend me clothes to wear at parties. I have to show the designer's tag so people know who made the creation".

The clever name of the designer of this particular frock appeared to be: $299 (including sales tax). Upon further enquiry J'anus tells us her current show biz career involves  "holding up signs on Deal or No Deal".

Justin Melvey
There was one 'major' celebrity-the very handsome Justin Melvey, ex Home & Away and Bold & The Beautiful star. Justin is staring on a new cable TV series on Foxtel titled The Phone and says he has a Hollywood film role lined up in 2011 opposite Gwyneth Paltrow.

the KGB prunes
 Finally it was time for Tahli Jatali to arrive. She had been circling the block for 30 minutes with a team of models in 3 Lamborghini's. Tahli wanted to ensure there was a maximum of guests to greet her spectacular arrival.

Manager Karim of the KGB helpfully herded a few dozen guests towards the front door to give the appearance of a crowd and then attacked the over-hanging foliage of a tree outside in order that the Lamborghini's could easily slip beneath.

Tahli alighted, rather clumsily from the low slung vehicles and lined up with a few models in bikinis all wearing very dark sunglasses.

We took our leave as 2 feverish paparazzi repeatedly yelled "looking this way please'..all eyes this way !"

On the subject of  'face designing' we would like to present a series of snaps from our sister site,
 New York Social Diary run be the excellent veteran journalist David Patrick Columbia.

What strikes us about these gorgeous ladies who lunch in the Big Apple is the marvellous freshness of face and their natural beauty, No need for face designing with this lot !