Sunday, October 17, 2010

Champers On The Move

A few days after we discovered the Pommery Champagne cocktail cabinet at young bookmaker Tom Waterhouse's betting website launch, now comes the permanently on-the-move champagne bar.

Like the Mary Celeste (it was never the 'Maire'), it came drifting out from the mass of party-goers at the launch of the $20M La Montage reception centre by the river in downtown Lillyfield.

 Except this ship wasn't empty but manned by a nice girl called Mary who was dispensing champagne. How it's done is a mystery. She just glides along with ice-buckets , dozens of glasses and bottles of champers.

And then she glides off, returning just at the appropriate time when one's glass is nearing empty.

MP Joe Tripodi
Boxing champ Jeff Fenech & wife Susie
La Montage is on the site of the old Club Marconi, the inner city soccer club that was much beloved by Sydney's thousands of citizens with an Italian heritage.  

The new centre looks like it will continue the tradition within the Italian community as a wedding reception centre extraordinaire. It has to be seen to believed-it looks just like a gigantic South Fork Ranch out of Dallas. Nice if you like that sort of thing.