Friday, October 29, 2010

Britain's Labour Party Heavy outed as Billich Fan !

We feel sure you will come to the same conclusion.
In this tale in Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, the reader's attention is drawn to the painting hanging in the living room of David Milibrand the brother of the UK's new Labour Party leader, Ed Milibrand.

It shows a series of naked ladies a'gamboling and a'frolicking with gay abandon.

The work is by New Zealand raised painter Michelle Dovey. Did she perchance slip over to Sydney and Melbourne for inspiration from the Croatian born Charles Billich ?
One should study our example here of a Billich masterpiece for similarities.

Charles meets a Pope.

Perhaps the last word should go to David Lee of the art newspaper The Jackdaw who is quoted in the article : ‘There is no way I would have that on my wall. It is a bit smutty and sleazy and looks like it ought to be in a pole-dancing club rather than the home of the British Foreign Secretary.’

We've heard similar unkind words about Billich works.