Wednesday, October 6, 2010

# 1: Gossip From The Oprah Negotiations!

A tale in a series from our well placed mole in the Sydney organisers of the Greatest Journey Ever Taken- Oprah Winfrey's December visit to Australia when she plans to bus in 300 of her favourite guests for a sightseeing tour and a grand show at the Sydney Opera House where up to 3000 fans will view her live show.

After initial contacts were made, pleasantries exchanged, a battery of lawyers from either side got down to hard negotiations via video conferencing.

As the first day wore on neckties were loosened, fresh bottles of water consumed, coffee pots re-filled and the US side began to go in heavy.

The Aussie legal eagles began to sense that the other side where sending out vibes of "well just who the hell are you people ?".

The question they expected finally came towards the end of the day :

" OK guys," said the heavy Bronx accent of the sharp-suited US Oprah attorney as he thumped a table with his open hand-
"we really want to know some of your history so we can be sure you know what you are getting into-just who have you guys handled in the past down there ?
The Aussie solicitor beamed as he delivered his response- " Are presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr big enough ?. How about the Pope ?"

Bingo !. The ice was broken. It's been plain sailing ever since !