Thursday, September 2, 2010

Something stinks and Russell Crowe isn't happy

Tweeted by Russell Crowe :

  from Woolloomooloo to past Stanley St up to hyde park,the whole area pongs of diesel fuel. Apparently a spill at Garden Island. about 1 hour ago via web .

Russell's view

Wooloomooloo Wharf
Russell's new view ?
It's one of the drawbacks of living on the Woolloomooloo Wharf as north facing residents discovered long ago. Directly opposite is the Garden Island naval base and when the ships are in the smell of diesel wafts over. And it's not healthy for the kids either.

spotted at Seven Shillings Beach
Via Veneta
Perhaps that's why Crowe and family were spotted checking out this 1950's Point Piper mansion on Seven Shillings Beach on Monday.

Despite a rumour that swept the property market, Crowe did not purchase Via Veneta in the same suburb that sold for a record $60M this week.

Prize for packing the most product placements into a series of daily tweets goes to our favourite celebrity spruiker Max Markson  with these :
  Had grt day today ... Did I ever show u the 3 bikini girls ? about 3 hours ago via web 
  Check out the uber sexy uber model Emily and get Boca Lupo energy drink  about 11 hours ago via Twittelator
  Having hot choc at Guylian with the fully clothed bikini models and Spiderman... Want to join us  about 11 hours ago via Twittelator
Crikey this is hard ... 3 bikini clad girls+ Alain Robert and only one can of Boca Lupo energy drink! about 12 hours ago via web 

We thought we should show a pic of spiderman Alain Robert as well. He and Zoo Magazine are clients of Max !