Friday, September 3, 2010

Paris Hilton Vs Perez Hilton

 Update :  "RADAR EXCLUSIVE: Paris Owns Purse That Appears Identical To One She Claimed Was Borrowed Night Of Cocaine Arrest"
By Twitter :
  Love this site, it's nice reading the truth instead of these invented stories on other blogs. Check it out -

Paris Hilton isn't happy with Kim Kardishan or the gossiper Perez Hilton. That's if you believe the website
Paris Hilton is HUGE  which gets Ms Hilton's seal of approval with her above tweet earlier tonight. 

According to the site:
"Paris Hilton would never jeopardize her career by doing cocaine. We believe her and know exactly what it feels like to be tangled in a mix-up to that degree, all too well. That is another story, for another time, on another blog! This is about Paris! "

On Kim Kardashian the site says : "To add salt to this HUGE wound, Paris Hilton former friend, or should we say leech, was on Jay Leno’s late night show talking bad about her. This is what she had to say about Paris Hilton’s run-in with the law:"

And another former friend Perez Hilton comes in for a serve : "Enough is enough Mario! We think it is disgusting you are using Microsoft’s Paint application to deface Paris Hilton’s photo’s for your posts, mock her, and jump on the Anti-Paris Hilton bandwagon, when you were just butt-kissing a few months prior. 
If it were not for Paris Hilton or your stalkerish ways to get into her inner circle, you would be a TRAGIC waste of space living in your mother’s house."

Our favourite piece :
"Paris Hilton’s recent run-in with the Las Vegas P.D., has been keeping the internet full of made-up stories and rumors. We absolutely hate it! The latest rumor that has spun completely out of control, is that Paris Hilton thought that the cocaine that was found in the purse, was gum.
Yes! Chewing gum that has be around since the dawn of time. This is so disrespectful to Paris Hilton intelligence as a human being. This blog’s owner has shed tears about this, and spoken to her family about it.

So the cocaine that Paris says wasn't in the handbag she was carrying ...that she says wasn't her handbag but a friend's ....didn't have gum in it..and that gum was actually..err ..cocaine!. Wonderful. 
read more of this madness here.

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