Monday, September 6, 2010

It Runs in The Family !

Amelia & Lucy-Glamor from Melbourne!
In the weekend Sunday Telegraph, star columnist Ros Reines was quite correctly be-moaning the dearth of 'glamorous' figures on the social circuit. Sometimes you need to look a bit further afield than the usual round of  promotional  cocktail parties flogging products and services.

Which was what the Social  Shuttle did last week by  attending the Australian Himalayan Foundation fundraiser at the Sofitel- a charity that raises money to build classrooms, medical clinics and finances cultural activities for the people of the Himalayas
The Foundation has a number of worthy partners including the National Geographic Channel and the Australian Tibetan Society
One person we always find at these functions is Gabbi Hollows who runs the superb Fred Hollows Foundation which continues the work of the saintly late Prof Fred Hollows in providing medical operations to restore sight all over the third world.

Our find ?- gorgeous Amelia Hillary !. Amelia is the grand-daughter of Sir Edmund Hillary, the conqueror of Everest and she's just returned from her second climb of Mount Kilimanjaro. Sadly we won't be seeing Amelia on the Sydney circuit-she flew up from Melbourne for the night and she brought a glamorous pal with her-the exceptionally tall and beautiful Lucy Myer, the grand-daughter of the very Victorian establishment figures Bales and Sarah Myer, heirs to the Myer Emporium  fortune.