Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Zsa Zsa fading fast

Zsa Zsa & Frederick
The words 'high camp' could have been invented for her and she's been a Hollywood stalwart for decades with her 'Hello Darlink" greeting in her Hungarian accent. Sadly the wonderful Zsa Zsa Gabor is quietly slipping away according to her ninth husband Frederick Prinz von Anhal. 

At 93 years of age, 2 days ago Zsa Zsa was admitted to the  Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center after a fall following hip surgery. Today she summonsed a priest to perform the last rites.

Born  Sári Prinzessin von Anhalt in Hungary in 1917 into a Jewish family with 2  famous sisters, Eva and Magda, Zsa Zsa began her show business career as an opera singer in Vienna before Hollywood beckoned and along the way, a string of husbands. She had one child to her 2nd husband, the hotel baron Conrad Hilton (great grandfather of Paris Hilton) which she claimed was the result of a rape by Hilton.

Always tongue in cheek, Gabor has never taken herself seriously and is famous for some of her quips. Once asked during a TV interview about the high number of marriages she responded "I was always a good housekeeper-every time I divorced I kept the house ".

In 1989 she famously slapped the face of a Beverley Hills cop who Zsa Zsa said had been exceptionally rude to her whilst writing out a speeding ticket. Sentenced to 3 days in jail, she proved so popular with fellow inmates they launched a petition for Zsa Zsa to spend more time in a cell.

The Shuttle was privileged to meet Gabor once at a dinner party at London's Embassy Club in honour of the British actor Richard Johnston given by Zsa Zsa's good friend, the London society maven Lady Edith Foxwell. At the time Lady Edith-then in her 60s was dating a 22 year old Caribbean boy.

"You won't be able to bring him to Beverley Hills " said Zsa Zsa to Edith loudly across the table of 20 guests. Lady Edith responded by hurling a bread roll at Zsa Zsa and a (literal ) bun fight began with Zsa Zsa eventually storming out.

Lady Edith said Gabor later relented and invited her and her black boyfriend to stay in LA for 6 weeks. One day whilst admiring the beautiful gardens in Zsa Zsa's mansion Edith asked which husband she got the house from.  
Zsa Zsa responded " I can't quite remember- 5th or 6th ?.. but I know he was immensely rich"
They don't make them like the Gabor sisters anymore. Send your prayers to Zsa Zsa as she ails in hospital.

Zsa Zsa in 'Queens From Outer Space" followed by husband Freddie naked in his car !

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