Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Queen of Denmark flies in !

the future King & Queen of Denmark
Well not quite, but she will be one day.

Mary Donaldson from Tasmania, now known as  Crown Princess Mary of Denmark slipped into Australia today and took the media by surprise. She's on a visit to see her family members in Hobart and is pregnant with twins.

By all accounts, Mary has become a hugely popular figure in Denmark amongst it's 5.5 million subjects and has revived the Royal Families fortunes. Amazingly  she is able to wander Hobart at ease and without the pomp and ceremony that goes with a Royal in her newly adopted country Denmark.

Having been fairly below the radar as far as European Royalty goes, Princess Mary has quietly crept up to become one of the world's most stylish women. In the September edition of Vanity Fair that has just hit the stands , she is named as one of the world's top ten dressed women. High praise indeed.

Mary Donaldson, working in a King Cross real estate agency swept Crown Prince Frederick off his feet when the two met in a Sydney pub during the 2000 Olympics. From that moment, the relationship was sealed and the 2 wed in a wonderfully toy town style wedding  in Copenhagen in 2004 , attended by the the crowned heads of Europe.

She is said to be adored by her mother-in-law Queen Margerite 11 who gave her son instant approval upon meeting Mary formally in 2001. 

The wedding, broadcast live throughout Europe and Australia was not without it's memorable moments, including when Mary's Scot's borne father apparently lunged for a sausage roll at the reception and sent the King Carl XV1 Gustaf of Sweden flying. Ever the gentleman, the Swedish King dusted himself off and fetched the kilted dad a drink..

Princess Mary has come a long way since we first met her at a promotional real estate party in her then office digs. A few weeks later when she was trying to assist us find accommodation in the area and the Shuttle spied a gorgeous apartment in Macleay Street Potts Point, Ms Donaldson's words still remain in our memory : "a bit out of your price range I think my dear "!

we spoke too soon : Hobart police have issued a warning to the huge contingent of  media who have congregated outside Princess Mary's Hobart sister's house, to keep their distance.
Tweet Of  The Day prize goes again to Yoko Ono :
"My mind was taking in the shimmering leaves of the trees outside the window."