Thursday, August 26, 2010

Paul Hogan stranded in Australia

5 days after he attended the funeral of his 101 yer old mother, actor Paul Hogan has been refused permission to leave the country and return to his wife Linda and 12 year old son Chance  in Los Angeles.

John Cornell, Linda Kozlowski, Paul Hogan and Delvene Delaney at a Sydney charity party in 2006 (c)
The Australian Taxation Office has served notice on Hogan to remain  in Australia while it continues investigations into his tax affairs. Earlier this year the actor lost a court battle to keep tax documents secret.

Two media organisations, News Ltd and Fairfax Media had fought a 6 year legal battle to obtain the documents.

 In 2002 Hogan and wife Linda Kozlowski purchased a $3.5M house on Sydney Harbour before selling up in 2006 and moving back to LA..During that time the ATO has  claimed that Hogan had declared himself stateless for a number of years whilst travelling between Australia and the USA

Although later films received poor reviews, Hogan and his partner in the Crocodile Dundee films, John Cornell made millions of dollars from the 3 successful movies after financing the series themselves. Investing heavily in real estate in Northern NSW, the pair have made a further fortune.  Cornell has just recovered from a bout of cancer and is recuperating in the resort of Byron Bay where he and wife Delvene Delaney live.