Friday, August 27, 2010

HRH Prince William's cousin's new modelling career

Camilla Franks (centre)
Alesha Makim, daughter of Jane Ferguson and niece of the Duchess of York has established a new career as a model during the Rosemount Fashion shows at the Sydney Town Hall this week.

Jane Ferguson & daughter Heidi
Alesha Makim-William's cousin
At a special parade at the Paddington Inn as part of the Paddington Alive Festival, Alesha strutted the catwalk to show off some of Camilla Frank's wondrous caftans. Camilla has just opened in Paddington a few doors from the hotel and is one of Australia's low key fashion success stories with her caftan creations now available in 500 outlets throughout the world. 

Particular hot-spots : the South of France, the Mediterranean and the Greek Islands where hardly a luxury yacht or gin palace cruises by without a Camilla designer gown being sported by one of the well heeled ladies aboard. And she is opening her own boutique on The World, the ginormous luxury ocean liner.

Hot news : As Paul Hogan's lawyers negotiate a deal with the Australian Tax Office that would allow him to return to LA,  various reports have surfaced about the bill the ATO has presented the Aussie larrikan-between $31 to $110 million dollars!