Monday, August 9, 2010

Cate Blanchett Snubbed !

Update : after a polite slap across the wrists from the awards committee we must point out that 'Streetcar' and Paul Charlier has been nominated in the Sound Event section.
In a puzzling move actress Cate Blanchett has been completely overlooked in the nominations for the most prestigious Australian theatre awards, the Helpmann Awards.

Liv Ullmann, Cate & Joel Edgerton
The awards are named after one of the world's greatest ballet stars, Sir Robert Helpmann who was born in a remote country town in South Australia in 1909. When his mother noticed his tendency to dress in her clothes and dance about with great agility, his parents actively encouraged his artistic talents. Eventually he became one of the most renowned dancers appearing in and choreographing ballets from London and New York to Moscow.

Sir Robert Helpmann
At the announcement for the award nominations which will be presented at the Sydney Opera House on September 6th, Cate's "A Streetcar Named Desire" didn't receive a mention. Streetcar was not only an artistic success in Sydney, Blanchett's production which was directed by Liv Ullmann and starred Cate and Joel Edgerton in the main roles was hailed throughout the USA when it toured there as one of the all time great productions of Tennessee Williams' play, earning the Sydney Theatre Company a much needed $3.5M in profit.

As Artistic Director since 2008 Blanchett, along with her husband Andrew Upton has been guiding the fortunes of the Sydney Theatre Company ( STC) and has revived the company with a number of noted talents for it's 12 productions each year including Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Steven Soderbergh and William Hurt.Cate was also responsible for attracting designer Giorgio Armani as the theatre companies major sponsor.

The Helpmann Awards , one motto being "ensuring the Awards are the most prestigious awards in the industry and the highlight of each Season." ironically has nominated a host of artists who trained at the STC including Neil Armfield and Robin Nevin.

# trivia moment : In 2007 the Social Shuttle attended the premiere of the film 'I'm Not There' at the then new Sydney Theatre Company Theatre in which Blanchett gives a stunning performance as Bob Dylan.

After introducing the movie with a small speech stating she had not yet seen the film, Cate Blanchett left the stage and took a seat next to the Shuttle with Upton and proceeded to narrate various anecdotes to her husband as the film ran.
A woman sitting behind reached over and tapped her on the shoulder and said "could you please keep the noise down-I'm watching Cate Blanchett on screen and can't hear a word she is saying !"

## Channeling Mystic Meg earlier tonight we advised 4 paparazzi not to bother attending a function at the State Theatre which would feature Don Spencer, father-in-law of Russell Crowe who was expected to attend. "Our crystal ball says he won't be there", we said. Russell and wife Danielle can always be relied on to support Don in his ventures. And so it came to pass as the following tweet says:

Got that flu coming on feeling?Both our boys were sick last week, so bound to happen.Need an early night,not a late one on the giggle juice.3 hours ago
At tonight's Young Chef Awards (not to be missed-buckets of Bollinger and fine food) the Shuttle happily informed Federal Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson MP that despite the doom and gloom mainly emanating from the Murdoch media in their campaign to bury Prime Minister Julia Gillard, that Labor will be returned or govern with a 3 seat majority but that could be made up of independents/Greens.. I think we made his night. And that too will come to pass. Trust me.