Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Your candidate from the Sex Party

With a general election on Saturday 21st August there is a chance to send a message to Tony 'Mad Monk' Abbott, the Leader of the Opposition who could be the next Prime Minister.

For more xenophobic types you can also send a message to London born Tony and the Welsh born PM Julia Gillard by voting for a natural born comedian Austen Tayshus.

 Those who have ever seen Austen Tayshus ( Alexander Gutman) know just how funny he is but he is deadly serious about the election and will be standing as the candidate for the Australian Sex Party in Abbott's North Shore seat of Warringah.
Tayshus wants to "get government out of the bedroom". The proposed internet filter, that will put Australia on par with China, Iran and Burma is one of the new party's gripes along with the weird new 'porn declaration' forms being handed out at Immigration desks at airports.

You can see all the party's policies by clicking on the banner at the right...

Austen Tayshus on language...