Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Rumour Mill

Rumour has it that.......
a prominent barrister (not a QC or SC !) has joined a colleague in exploring his feminine side with weekly get-togethers where both wear full female attire and discuss all matters pertaining to "I'm a Lady". The pair were spotted by a clerk from chambers who is also an avid amateur astronomer who was scanning apartments with his telescope in ritzy Darling Point and came across them sitting on a balcony ala characters Denny Crane and Alan Shore in the TV series Boston Legal.

Rumour has it that......
a heterosexual chart topping popster has ordered her publicist to generate rumours that she is a lesbian. Having decided that Sappho is currently De rigueur she hopes to crack the lucrative gay market. The very pretty PR flack hit the roof when she realized that she was to be the anointed girlfriend !

Rumour has it that......
a well known local hotshot young business guru who had gone in to bat for the other team with his heterosexual love affair has now caused a pending calamity. After introducing a former boyfriend to his prospective fiancee with a suggestion a threesome was in order, the 2 have now hit it off in a big way. No-one wants to tell our young buck that those 'art' lessons she attends every Monday afternoon are a sexual assignation with his former male flame.

Rumour has it that:

Actress Cate Blanchett is pregnant again.(that's an exclusive !)

A dedication to our legal eagles: