Monday, July 19, 2010

Mad Mel-coming or going ?

News Ltd has scotched rumours that actor Mel Colm-Cille Gerard Gibson is upping stakes and moving back to Australia where he still owns a substantial farm in the NSW countryside. The story can be read here where the largest news outlet in the country (world?) says :
"REPORTS Mel Gibson would flee the growing leaked tape-scandal in the US for his native Australia were today dismissed by his rep.
British newspaper The Mail on Sunday reported that Gibson had told friends that he will move back Down Under with his ex-wife Robyn, who still supports him and publicly defended him as a husband and father.
But Gibson's rep Alan Nierob said the Oscar winner is planning on staying put in the US.
He told NBC: "There's no truth to the Mail story."

It's hugely satisfying  putting the competition in it's place.

One should completely ignore the tale on the same webpage.

Mel Gibson wants to call Australia home

"MEL Gibson is poised to quit the US and return to Australia with his ex-wife Robyn after selling his mansion near New York."