Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fantasy versus reality

photo shopped Sarah
The Sydney Morning Herald draws attention to the changing face of Sarah Murdoch, wife of Rupert Murdoch's son Lachlan and the host on the next Australia' s Next Top Model.

stunning..a natural Sarah
Sarah recently joined  Youth Minister Kate Ellis's advisory board to help foster a healthy body image for youth which includes a policy for fashion magazine editors to label doctored and photo shopped pictures so that young people do not get an unrealistic belief in how one can look. She also appeared on the front cover of the Australian Women's Weekly last November au naturel, flaws and all.

The SMH 'PS' column quotes a spokes person for Sarah saying : ''Sarah never said she would never again appear in a retouched photo. Her appearance on the cover of the AWW untouched was and remains an incredibly bold and important statement,'' PS was curtly informed. ''Sarah will, of course, continue to appear in both completely natural campaigns as well as photos that require hair, make-up and retouching to suit a client's needs, as you would expect from any professional."

at the ANTM launch

Here are our exclusive pics from the launch of Australia's Next Top Model a fortnight ago which was hosted by Sarah Murdoch along with her fellow judges from the show, fashion designer Alex Perry and Charlotte Dawson. Both Charlotte and Alex seem to have obtained a stretched smooth look. But Sarah looks quite amazing..gorgeous!

the real Elle

fantasy Elle

 Another Aussie supermodel will be judging new talent with Elle McPherson hosting Britain's Next Top Model. Her promo shots give us a smoothed out Elle. We like the real one as well.