Friday, June 25, 2010

Why Julia Gillard is Heaven sent

In times of such great upheaval we have asked our resident astrologer Charo to give us a quick rundown on how the Welsh Valley girl  and new Prime Minister Julia Gillard, a 29th September  Libran , will fare with the country of Australia which is governed by the sign of Sagittarius.:
Charo says-
Libras are fun-loving, diplomatic and charming people. They are loved by all for their decent mannerisms and kind-heartedness. Sagittarius people are equally fun-loving, brutally frank and honest individuals. This tries to understand the possibility of Libra compatibility with Sagittarius.

Relationship Profile of Libras in a nutshell:
  • Librans need love and a constant source of care and affection in their life.
  • They become vulnerable to when they naively expose their needs before others.
  • Heart-breaks are common for this sun-sign, but they learn their lesson and move on quickly in life.
  • They prefer a strong individual as their life partner and never mind being dominated too.
Relationship Profile of Sagittarius in a nutshell:

  • people who are so honest that they are misunderstood a lot.
  • Though their hard-core optimism make them a hit among people, many cannot forget the temper these individuals have.
  • Sagittarians are have commitment phobia and get engaged lately in life.
  • But once they find themselves in the company of a right partner, they get dedicated to their family completely.
Why Libra Compatibility with Sagittarius is the Best:
   Libra is an air sign. Sagittarius is a fire sign. In nature, both the elements fire and air are naturally compatible and can form a formidable combination together.
Libran compatibility with Sagittarius is a strong one. Vices in one sun-sign will be removed by the virtues other sun-sign possess. For instance, Libras suffer from low self-esteem at sometimes. Optimistic Sagittarians can change this nature of their partner. On the other hand, Sagittarius people bluntly put the truth and can be rude at times to the people. They can learn how to be diplomatic and still remain honest form their Libra partner.
It's a marriage made in heaven!

Unlike that of the sad Kevin Rudd, a Virgo who rescued Labor from an 11 year wilderness and was ruthlessly stabbed in the back by..the media !!
Virgo and Sagittarius
There is no surety of long-term compatibility of a relationship between a Virgo and a Sagittarian  . Virgos are  introverts who don't like interacting with new people much. Sagittarians are very enthusiastic towards life and want to live every moment to its fullest. Virgo somberness, serious nature and laid-back attitude may be too much for Sagitarrians to handle. A Sagitarrian's excessive enthusiasm, wild nature and unpredictable actions may not go down well with a Virgoan conservative nature. Not a very good match, to say the least! 

sound familiar ?