Thursday, June 24, 2010

They follow us wherever we go

More on Sharon Sargeant and the tale of the "England rugby stars relax on boat full of stripper" in Britain's Sunday Mirror.

Australia's Daily Telegraph has picked up the story of the British footballers and their Sydney Harbour cruise :
Sydney Confidential

"Rah-rahs lured by sirens on Harbour."  click for story

 The Shuttle put a phone call through to Ms Sargeant's assistant 'Richard' today to see if he could shed any light on just how many escort agencies Ms Sargeant owns. "None of your business" was the curt reply as he slammed down the receiver.

We decided to telephone the office of the private investigator Frank Monte who was once engaged to Ms Sargeant.  "Does Mr Monte know any details about his former flame's business?".

"If he did I doubt he would tell you" replied the girl who answered the phone." I'll ask him to call you-I think he knows where you live, doesn't he?"