Monday, June 21, 2010

Read it here first:

from The Sunday Mirror
Following our last story ( see below) about the English rugby team's boat ride on Sydney Harbour with some scantily clad lasses, the UK Daily Mirror has picked up the tale in their Sunday edition.

Apparently the harbour cruise was a celebration for the team's defeat of the Barbarians  the day before in Gosford. 
All perfectly innocent according to the team's manager although the choice of agency to supply the gels to accompany the chaps on the high seas would appear to be an odd choice when one reads the agency's website."Nude waitresses" and "lesbian sex shows" are on offer from the company.

Sharon with the English footballers
And where does the buxom Sharon Sargeant who burst upon the Sydney scene 2 year ago on the arm of top private eye Frank Monte fit into this scene?. She isn't returning our calls at the moment and her assistant says she is busy in negotiations with interested US & UK adult firms who wished to do business with her.

Regular readers may recall Ms Sargeant split from Monte when it was revealed by a daily newspaper that she was the owner of RedVelvet Escorts. Monte called off their planned nuptials and Sharon moved out of his luxurious 10th floor Icon apartment in Potts point, to a northern beaches retreat.

The Mirror tale claims that the girls on the boat were from a rival company but when we saw Sargeant arrive at the Woolloomooloo Wharf she went straight to the English players like a long lost friend. What was noticeable was Sergeant's businesslike appearance (still with ample cleavage visible of course) and the English footballers seemed more than happy to pose with the lady for some happy snaps.Ms Sargeant then walked with the players  to a waiting cruiser which the chaps boarded. As Sargeant waved goodbye the agency girls appeared from the lower deck, one sporting a black g-string.

"Is Sharon involved in the other agency" we asked her assistant. "I couldn't possibly discuss her business" he replied "but she certainly has interests in more than one agency". 
"And can we arrange some nude waitresses or a lesbian sex show through you" we asked. "Of course" was the reply.

Meanwhile after Sharon was featured in Rupert Murdoch's top daily tabloid the Daily Telegraph partying in Las Vegas with one of the USA's top porn stars Claudia Marie, it seems the US lady is cock a hoop over the publicity that reverberated around the world and even appeared in the Hindustan Times. Claudia has now been invited to open a huge Adult convention in Las Vegas next month on the strength of it !
Odd news emanating out of Dubai. The son of the countries biggest grocery empire Rodric David has been detained by the government for unspecified reasons . Although he was released he has been ordered to remain in the country until further notice.

Rodric David
 The Davids are one of Australia's wealthiest families and have numerous business interests. Rodric is the chairman and founder of  Emergent Capital, based in Dubai. Is it in connection with the massive downturn in property that has hit the Emirates badly ?. It's reported his detention was over a visa matter but the David family is saying nought.

The Shuttle reported exclusively on the 'Roman'  bash Rodric David threw during the 2000 Olympics, which he co-hosted with the sons of fellow first families, Janus Hooker heir to the L.J Hooker real estate empire and Michael Grace of the Grace Bros department stores. It was described as "the most hedonistic party Sydney had seen for decades". Guests included Olympians Ian Thorpe and Susie O'Neil.