Monday, June 28, 2010

Pray for this stripper

We must congratulate Alizee Seri's courage for her strip show last week at the sacred Aboriginal rock Uluru. She garnered heaps of publicity around the world for the stunt, presented below.

But perhaps she should have had a quiet word with Lindy Chamberlain Creighton.

Lindy & Azaria at the Rock
  In August 1980 Lindy and her family were camping at Uluru when a "Dingo took my baby" - the immortal line delivered by Meryl Streep who later played Lindy in the film Evil Angels. The subsequent hunt for Lindy's baby Azaria and the errant dingo became a world sensation as the poor woman was crucified in one of the most biased media campaigns ever seen. It was inevitable that she would be charged with the murder of Azaria, found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment in the Northern Territory.

What had Lindy been doing earlier that fateful day ?. She and the family had visited the Rock. Former husband Michael Chamberlain has often told friends in private something that has never been revealed before. That part of his distress from that day was watching Lindy doing a little happy dance while cradling Azaria at the base of rock. It was the last time Michael saw his daughter as Lindy put the child to bed in their tent.

It's been long rumoured and never discussed-the ancient Aboriginal curses and mysterious tribal customs that are conducted at Uluru. In a culture that often expresses itself in dance, dancing is strictly forbidden at the Rock.

Sam Neil & Meryl Streep in Evil Angels
Lindy lost an appeal against her sentence in 1981 but in 1986 the unlikely discovery of baby Azaria's little jacket with what appeared to be jagged teeth marks,at the base of Uluru saw her  released within 5 days and eventually her conviction was overturned. Never mentioned are the consultations husband Michael had with the Pitjantjatjara tribe of central Australia, caretakers of Uluru the year before the jacket was found.

The real details of the miracle find is a mystery yet to be told.
Lindy and Michael never speak of it.
Although Lindy Chamberlain Cheighton now lives in the USA, whenever she returns to Australia for a visit, she travels to Uluru to meet with the Pitjantjatjara mob.

Secret Women's Business is considered by Aboriginals as one of the most powerful forces there are. 

Alizee Seri-you have been warned !