Sunday, June 27, 2010

Madame Arcati refuses to be censored

The Madame Arcati blog site has been outraging readers for 4 years now-in particular the Fleet Street brigade of hacks and time-servers on Britain's variety of tabloids who are loathe to have a spotlight beamed onto their own peccadillo's and prejudices whilst retaining the right to rip into others.

Now she is packing up her wicked keyboard and switching to the tabloid style Anorak website under her own banner after Google shoved an adult content warning at the beginning of her site. A very sensible move on Anorak's part.
She has spoken of the Google debacle on the Beautiful Books site:
Madame Arcati censored by the hammies

"I had planned to unleash a considerable amount of articulate obscenity on this new site. Then my eye alighted on the stricture here that nothing should go up that might upset one’s mother – indeed, the offended are invited to draw the site owner’s attention to anything objectionable. So, given the readiness of people to be outraged - a characteristic I attribute to the ham actor in too many of us - I suppose I’d better behave myself and get to my point, temperately.

Censorship is very much a topic in mind at present. My own site, Madame Arcati, has just been gifted an 18 certificate by Google/Blogger: visitors are now greeted by a Content Warning page. Apparently, readers complained of “objectionable” material. Given that I put up my first PhotoShopped male celebrity nude about four years ago, I can’t imagine what took the uncast ham actors so long."

Hopefully her old site will still stay. One should delve back into the files. It's packed with highly amusing and witty prose with anecdotes and interviews with all manner of people that will never be found elsewhere.
Coming soon : more on the brewing scandal over the estate of the late science fiction writer Arthur C.Clarke, a Shuttle exclusive!