Friday, June 4, 2010

Famous courtesan freaks out !

 Sucessful publisher Todd Tai networks at First Thursday
OK so we hooked you with a headline-go to the story below for the tale of Madame Lash. 

Off the luxury car home in  Kings Cross of the amiable Tony Graziana's  Scuderia Graziani where one can pick up a Lamborghini, Porsche or Mercedes. Each month he is holding a bash to raise money for the Fred Hollows Foundation with his  First Thursday parties. This is a great cause-the Fred Hollows Foundation goes to places like Afghanistan and Africa looking after the sight of desperately poor people.

First Thursday is a sort of 'networking' party for young business people which is just what they were doing on Thursday night like crazy with silent auctions for all sorts of luxury goods like Tancredi jewelry.

Entertainment included the Irish comedian Paul Martell who is one of those old fashion joke tellers but he really is hilarious as the act builds up as you can see in the clip below. With a few celebrities and good looking folk, these regular nights are going to become popular very fast so you should consider booking tickets early.

Next month the guest comedian will be Austen Tayshus- one of the very very best. To attend you should contact

Adpro Management supplied the gorgeous beauties at the party-they are also a model agency -and that's another reason to attend. Business and beauty should always be combined, is our motto !. Fast cars, beautiful women, wine and song and all in a good cause.

What more could you want ?
Where was Gretel on her big night ? 

 Hundreds turned up at The Kirk to celebrate the birthday and book launch for Madame Lash except the lady herself. As far as we can ascertain, the fetishist has fallen out with the author of the book, Sam Everingham.
The Kirk (it has a dungeon)
The Shuttle received a rousing cheer when we assisted up the steep stairs of the Kirk in a gentlemanly fashion, the ex-fiancee of private investigator Frank Monte- Sharon Sargeant who arrived at the same time as we did.
Sharon Sargeant
As the crowd parted  on the red carpet they assumed it was Madame Lash making a grand entrance.  Sargeant has received an extraordinary amount of publicity recently and been flooded with offers from the USA -for what we aren't quite sure yet but presumably it's something to do with the revelation she is the boss of the RedVelvet Escort and Model Agency.

Madame Lash's "autobiography" is the highly entertaining tale of one of Australia's most colourful women  (we've read it) and dominatrix.  Wowsers beware! Gretel Pinniger, aka Madame Lash artist and courtesan to the rich and famous has been shocking and outraging Australia for decades. Never shy of publicity, this daughter of a handsome war hero and philanderer from the Melbourne establishment once wanted to become a nun.

Instead, she threw her leather-clad body into a wild world of sex, drugs and riotous parties. She danced with Elton John, catered to Kerry Packer's brother Clyde's more creative sexual fantasies along with the successful transport boss and newspaper owner Gordon Barton and knocked around with Sydney underworld boss Lennie McPherson.
She also found herself a fabulously wealthy patron, who bequeathed her a generous stipend so long as his name is never disclosed by her .
Which doesn't stop us revealing the world's worst kept secret-that patron was the English publisher Paul Hamlyn who made millions when he and his family settled in Britain after escaping Germany before WW2. Hamlyn spent 4 weeks of every year with Madame Lash. We'll leave it to your imagination what  they got up to. But she does have dungeons in all her homes.
There was a tale that she one locked publisher Gordon Barton in the dungeon of her Melbourne house, hanging from a rack and went on a cocaine bender leaving him there for 48 hours before she re-called he was shackled in the basement. Fearing what she would find when she returned,  a delighted Barton tripled the agreed fee, as he was so pleased with the service.                                                 
Comedian Paul Martell who was at the premier of the First Thursday charity parties at Scuderia Graziani in East Sydney.