Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anna Nicole, Michael, Elvis goodies up for sale

 Show-biz Special :

If you always wanted to own a piece of a dead celebrity this is your chance. At Julien's Auctions in Las Vegas beginning on the 24th June a whole range of star memorabilia is up for sale with some fabulously tasteful pieces including a medical swab from Elvis Presley (expected to sell for about $1000). 
Just think of the assortment of drugs in that swab-percodan,Quaalude, Seconal, Ritalin-the lot. Just sit yourself on a toilet seat with a peanut butter sandwich and you too can feel like The King.

Our personal favourite is Janis Joplin's arrest photos. The best she's ever looked !.

There's a mass of stuff from Michael Jackson's estate including just about everything he ever wore and a few pieces from the Neverland Ranch including a "security badge' to bring out the inner bossy pedo in you.
Anna's doggy's bed


Anna Nicole Smith must have collected every bit of Marilyn Monroe tat going. Dozens of handbags with Marilyn's face, mugs, photos, it's all up for sale including some of Anna Nicole's own "art". Gorgeous. And her doggies bed and her fake Louis Vuitton suitcase.
A masterpiece by Anna Nicolle

There's something for everyone including from those still breathing-Bob Dylan, Britney Spears and check out Ozzy Osbourne's dreadful office 'suite' which they think may bring $800!. Yuk