Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An adorable bear

A little thing sent in one of those viral emails that do the rounds. Often they are pretty corny but sometimes not.

It's called The Bear Film by French filmmaker  Jean-Jacques Annaud and it is too wonderful for words. He made The Name of The Rose and Seven Years in Tibet with Brad Pitt. And the superb Enemy At The Gates about the Battle of Stalingrad. But this little film is a beauty. But how did he do it-get those animals to act?. (watch it in full screen)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tempting fate !

Vesna Tenodi
 More dramas after our story of Arab/French dancer Alizee Sari's strip at the sacred Aboriginal site Uluru in the Outback.( see below).
A Croatian born artist living in the Blue Mountains just outside Sydney,  Vesna Tenodi is getting flak for her Aboriginal style paintings and sculptures. Vesna was on the ABC's Radio National this week defending herself saying  "prehistoric imagery belongs to the world. Any group claiming ownership is a ludicrous proposition. We have to make this clear, otherwise we will all be held hostage by this Aboriginal nonsense.'' Ouch.

Tenodi owns the very Indigenous looking
ModroGorje Gallery and Wellness Centre in Katoomba and has just unveiled the Wanjina Watchers in the Whispering Stone, an 8.5-tonne sculpture in the heart of town with heavy overtones of Aboriginal symbolism.She says she has received death threats.

The Shuttle attended the last exhibition of  one of the great Indigenous artists Clifford Possum in ritzy Woollahra a few years ago. Possum's sold his first painting for $100 and just after he died in 2002 one of his  works brought over $400,000 at auction. 

Possum was late for the exhibition and the gallery was closed by the time he arrived. tSS was driving past and noticed the great man peering through the gallery windows with tears streaming down his cheeks. Asked what was the matter, Possum replied "they're all fakes!" .

Clifford Possum
When Possum passed away there was much wrangling about his remaining works. It was soon discovered that several family members also did paintings under his name.
But as an expert explained, the concept of 'self' is a difficult one in Aboriginal culture and a tribe perceives itself as a whole. Thus aunties and uncles, nephews and so on (who are not necessarily blood relations) join in to complete  artworks and they are regarded as being executed by the artist himself. Similarly when a tribe or members come into wealth the lot is shared around equally. The original Socialists !.
 As for the gallery where the Possum fakes (non-Aboriginal copies) were-it went bust within the year.

As we said before, say a little prayer for Ms Sari and another for Vesna !

With the announcement that Michael Jackson Cd's have sold 35 million copies since he died, some of his personal items drew bug bucks at Juliens Summer auction. One of his fedoras fetched $56,250 while one of those famous sequined gloves brought $192,000.
Anna Nicole Smith's variety of Marilyn Monroe decorated handbags went from $90 to $200 but the big winner was the great legend herself. 

 3 of Marilyn Monroe's chest x-rays sold for a combined $45,000. Pill popping Elvis Presley's personal copy of the Physician's Desk Reference sold for $11,875 but there was a bargain-an Elvis potholder for $224 !. Elvis in the kitchen?.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A move

Bill Ranken and the Social Shuttle would like to announce we will be moving to a much larger website in the next few weeks with a whole load of new features.

Since I started this little experiment just under a year ago, it has excelled beyond all my expectations.

 That wouldn't have been possible without my  wonderful helpers (you know who you are) who beaver away behind the scenes.

The new site will be most exciting. There will be a host of interactive features-some of these I am told are quite wonderful !. I can't wait to see them myself !. Of course I am a complete luddite when it comes to the net but thank God there are people younger than me who can do these things. Of course, everyone is younger than me.

I'm told  this site will "go down" between the last week of July and the 1st in August. ( Don't ask me what that means)

None of this would have been possible without all the loyal readers who have sent so many messages of support. You have my undying thanks !

Bill Ranken

Pray for this stripper

We must congratulate Alizee Seri's courage for her strip show last week at the sacred Aboriginal rock Uluru. She garnered heaps of publicity around the world for the stunt, presented below.

But perhaps she should have had a quiet word with Lindy Chamberlain Creighton.

Lindy & Azaria at the Rock
  In August 1980 Lindy and her family were camping at Uluru when a "Dingo took my baby" - the immortal line delivered by Meryl Streep who later played Lindy in the film Evil Angels. The subsequent hunt for Lindy's baby Azaria and the errant dingo became a world sensation as the poor woman was crucified in one of the most biased media campaigns ever seen. It was inevitable that she would be charged with the murder of Azaria, found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment in the Northern Territory.

What had Lindy been doing earlier that fateful day ?. She and the family had visited the Rock. Former husband Michael Chamberlain has often told friends in private something that has never been revealed before. That part of his distress from that day was watching Lindy doing a little happy dance while cradling Azaria at the base of rock. It was the last time Michael saw his daughter as Lindy put the child to bed in their tent.

It's been long rumoured and never discussed-the ancient Aboriginal curses and mysterious tribal customs that are conducted at Uluru. In a culture that often expresses itself in dance, dancing is strictly forbidden at the Rock.

Sam Neil & Meryl Streep in Evil Angels
Lindy lost an appeal against her sentence in 1981 but in 1986 the unlikely discovery of baby Azaria's little jacket with what appeared to be jagged teeth marks,at the base of Uluru saw her  released within 5 days and eventually her conviction was overturned. Never mentioned are the consultations husband Michael had with the Pitjantjatjara tribe of central Australia, caretakers of Uluru the year before the jacket was found.

The real details of the miracle find is a mystery yet to be told.
Lindy and Michael never speak of it.
Although Lindy Chamberlain Cheighton now lives in the USA, whenever she returns to Australia for a visit, she travels to Uluru to meet with the Pitjantjatjara mob.

Secret Women's Business is considered by Aboriginals as one of the most powerful forces there are. 

Alizee Seri-you have been warned !

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Madame Arcati refuses to be censored

The Madame Arcati blog site has been outraging readers for 4 years now-in particular the Fleet Street brigade of hacks and time-servers on Britain's variety of tabloids who are loathe to have a spotlight beamed onto their own peccadillo's and prejudices whilst retaining the right to rip into others.

Now she is packing up her wicked keyboard and switching to the tabloid style Anorak website under her own banner after Google shoved an adult content warning at the beginning of her site. A very sensible move on Anorak's part.
She has spoken of the Google debacle on the Beautiful Books site:
Madame Arcati censored by the hammies

"I had planned to unleash a considerable amount of articulate obscenity on this new site. Then my eye alighted on the stricture here that nothing should go up that might upset one’s mother – indeed, the offended are invited to draw the site owner’s attention to anything objectionable. So, given the readiness of people to be outraged - a characteristic I attribute to the ham actor in too many of us - I suppose I’d better behave myself and get to my point, temperately.

Censorship is very much a topic in mind at present. My own site, Madame Arcati, has just been gifted an 18 certificate by Google/Blogger: visitors are now greeted by a Content Warning page. Apparently, readers complained of “objectionable” material. Given that I put up my first PhotoShopped male celebrity nude about four years ago, I can’t imagine what took the uncast ham actors so long."

Hopefully her old site will still stay. One should delve back into the files. It's packed with highly amusing and witty prose with anecdotes and interviews with all manner of people that will never be found elsewhere.
Coming soon : more on the brewing scandal over the estate of the late science fiction writer Arthur C.Clarke, a Shuttle exclusive!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Why Julia Gillard is Heaven sent

In times of such great upheaval we have asked our resident astrologer Charo to give us a quick rundown on how the Welsh Valley girl  and new Prime Minister Julia Gillard, a 29th September  Libran , will fare with the country of Australia which is governed by the sign of Sagittarius.:
Charo says-
Libras are fun-loving, diplomatic and charming people. They are loved by all for their decent mannerisms and kind-heartedness. Sagittarius people are equally fun-loving, brutally frank and honest individuals. This tries to understand the possibility of Libra compatibility with Sagittarius.

Relationship Profile of Libras in a nutshell:
  • Librans need love and a constant source of care and affection in their life.
  • They become vulnerable to when they naively expose their needs before others.
  • Heart-breaks are common for this sun-sign, but they learn their lesson and move on quickly in life.
  • They prefer a strong individual as their life partner and never mind being dominated too.
Relationship Profile of Sagittarius in a nutshell:

  • people who are so honest that they are misunderstood a lot.
  • Though their hard-core optimism make them a hit among people, many cannot forget the temper these individuals have.
  • Sagittarians are have commitment phobia and get engaged lately in life.
  • But once they find themselves in the company of a right partner, they get dedicated to their family completely.
Why Libra Compatibility with Sagittarius is the Best:
   Libra is an air sign. Sagittarius is a fire sign. In nature, both the elements fire and air are naturally compatible and can form a formidable combination together.
Libran compatibility with Sagittarius is a strong one. Vices in one sun-sign will be removed by the virtues other sun-sign possess. For instance, Libras suffer from low self-esteem at sometimes. Optimistic Sagittarians can change this nature of their partner. On the other hand, Sagittarius people bluntly put the truth and can be rude at times to the people. They can learn how to be diplomatic and still remain honest form their Libra partner.
It's a marriage made in heaven!

Unlike that of the sad Kevin Rudd, a Virgo who rescued Labor from an 11 year wilderness and was ruthlessly stabbed in the back by..the media !!
Virgo and Sagittarius
There is no surety of long-term compatibility of a relationship between a Virgo and a Sagittarian  . Virgos are  introverts who don't like interacting with new people much. Sagittarians are very enthusiastic towards life and want to live every moment to its fullest. Virgo somberness, serious nature and laid-back attitude may be too much for Sagitarrians to handle. A Sagitarrian's excessive enthusiasm, wild nature and unpredictable actions may not go down well with a Virgoan conservative nature. Not a very good match, to say the least! 

sound familiar ?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

They follow us wherever we go

More on Sharon Sargeant and the tale of the "England rugby stars relax on boat full of stripper" in Britain's Sunday Mirror.

Australia's Daily Telegraph has picked up the story of the British footballers and their Sydney Harbour cruise :
Sydney Confidential

"Rah-rahs lured by sirens on Harbour."  click for story

 The Shuttle put a phone call through to Ms Sargeant's assistant 'Richard' today to see if he could shed any light on just how many escort agencies Ms Sargeant owns. "None of your business" was the curt reply as he slammed down the receiver.

We decided to telephone the office of the private investigator Frank Monte who was once engaged to Ms Sargeant.  "Does Mr Monte know any details about his former flame's business?".

"If he did I doubt he would tell you" replied the girl who answered the phone." I'll ask him to call you-I think he knows where you live, doesn't he?"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Exclusive : "Real Estate God Father is a “Pussy Cat”

Troubles in the world of tabloid television : 
Those with long memories may remember the sad case of an electrician who was pounced upon by the then Kerry Packer owned station and program  A Current Affair over purported dodgy repairs to a radio in 1999 in a classic foot-in-the-door style confrontation. The electrician, a Vietnamese refugee committed suicide 2 days later fearing his life had been destroyed. Kerry Packer was said to be distraught by the matter and privately settled a substantial sum of money on the hapless man's family.

Fast forward to 2009 and the program finds itself in hot water over the alleged  hiring of a hit man by the former Mayor of Waverly and local Liberal Party heavyweight who wanted a male hustler given a hard time, tortured and made to do all sorts of sexual nasties

The station thought they had coup and instead have found themselves in the dock with young reporter Ben Fordham charged with breaching the Listening Devices Act for secretly recording conversations with the former mayor. The mayor's counsel says he is suffering from Parkinson's and has lost the plot. His sight must be suffering as well. Those of us who know Ben are perplexed how anyone could think the pint sized presenter could torture anyone. 

little Ben
But ACA is being rivaled in their efforts to prolong a perpetual silly season with an attack upon a popular Gold Coast realtor on the CH7 show Today Tonight :

Former top Ray White Salesman Rob Astbury has described his former boss Gary Gannon, the man at the centre of a Gold Coast real estate scandal as a “pussy cat”. He says the recent explosive Today Tonight report on the Seven network, that accused Gannon of real estate fraud, is a beat up, grossly misleading and unfair. The program can be seen here if you click on Trouble on millionaire's row.

Gannon (pictured left) was accused of being possibly the most feared real estate agent in Australia. Gannon and his senior sales representative Michael Kollosche, formerly Astbury’s assistant, were accused of price fixing, market manipulation and death threats to protect their patch known as Hedges Avenue, renowned as the most expensive street for real estate in Australia.

Today Tonight revealed complaints from two people involved in house sales with Gannon and Kollosche, a seller Adrian Slinger and a buyer Rod Lambert, who described proceedings as a scene straight out of the movie The God Father.
Astbury with a very large award
Both were disgruntled over dealings involving their multi million dollar beach front properties .Slinger  refused to pay the agents commission. Lambert, a former Gold Coast real estate agent claimed he was misled as regards the sales price of a house he purchased for over ten million dollars.

Astbury, who is a property developer now based in Thailand, received the award in January 2000 as Ray White's top selling agent in Queensland with sales over five years totalling $70 million says,
No matter what the pressure a buyer or seller are never forced to sign a sales contract.” He continued, “The real estate industry in Australia is controlled by very stringent laws and if an agent breeches the rules then he can forfeit his licence.’ 

“For years Rod Lambert was a very successful Gold Coast real estate agent before turning to property development. He knows the real estate industry and the official avenues that are available if he has a complaint. Why he would turn to the media, which has presented a clearly biased account of proceedings, is very disappointing.”

And another award-with his proud mum & Brian White
In a media career that spanned 16 years Astbury worked for all three commercial television networks winning many awards for excellence as an investigative sports journalist before turning to real estate on the Gold Coast..
In an exclusive interview Astbury told the Social Shuttle, “Today Tonight arguable took a large slice of liberty by including a recorded telephone interview between Gannon and a former employee Jade Grech.”.

Astbury says, “The dramatic conversation between Gannon and Grech was recorded by Grech a year prior to the Today Tonight segment which was supposed to be based on the dispute between Rod Lambert and Adrian Slinger.”

Astbury’s remarks appeared to be verified when Grech’s sister Sheree Neal told the Gold Coast Bulletin she was 'shocked' when she saw her brother Jade telling Australia in a 'fake' European accent he feared for his life after being threatened by Mr Gannon. Mrs Neal said that after watching the program, she believed her brother became involved in the Today Tonight feature story because he was motivated by money.

Gannon made the now notorious phone call over a year ago after learning that Grech, who owed him $8,500, was about to leave Australia in June 2008. In the call he says to Grech:   "Give me my eight and a half grand tomorrow mate or you're dead".

Astbury, who worked for Gannon between 1995 and 2000 said, “The telephone conversation certainly sounds threatening but, taken out of context, it is highly misleading.:

"From first hand experience I know how television current affairs television works and this is a classic example where the limits have been stretched. 

Astbury continued, “When the occasion suited, Gary’s abruptness and course language could be alarming and I have elaborated on this extensively in my autobiography “Twice as Hard, but make no mistake those who really know the man realized under his gruff exterior he is a very generous caring person who would not harm anyone physically. He really is a Pussy Cat. Kick it and it will bite you and that is Gary Gannon.

According to Peter Jess, who has been appointed to promote Astbury’s soon to be published autobiography called “Twice as Hard” the book has many revelations about real estate, previously untold AFL stories and especially television which Astbury describes as a despicable industry.
Rob has not spoken to Gannon, Kollosche or anyone from Ray White but his revelations will open a lot of eyes and certainly rock the real estate and television industries.” says Jess.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Read it here first:

from The Sunday Mirror
Following our last story ( see below) about the English rugby team's boat ride on Sydney Harbour with some scantily clad lasses, the UK Daily Mirror has picked up the tale in their Sunday edition.

Apparently the harbour cruise was a celebration for the team's defeat of the Barbarians  the day before in Gosford. 
All perfectly innocent according to the team's manager although the choice of agency to supply the gels to accompany the chaps on the high seas would appear to be an odd choice when one reads the agency's website."Nude waitresses" and "lesbian sex shows" are on offer from the company.

Sharon with the English footballers
And where does the buxom Sharon Sargeant who burst upon the Sydney scene 2 year ago on the arm of top private eye Frank Monte fit into this scene?. She isn't returning our calls at the moment and her assistant says she is busy in negotiations with interested US & UK adult firms who wished to do business with her.

Regular readers may recall Ms Sargeant split from Monte when it was revealed by a daily newspaper that she was the owner of RedVelvet Escorts. Monte called off their planned nuptials and Sharon moved out of his luxurious 10th floor Icon apartment in Potts point, to a northern beaches retreat.

The Mirror tale claims that the girls on the boat were from a rival company but when we saw Sargeant arrive at the Woolloomooloo Wharf she went straight to the English players like a long lost friend. What was noticeable was Sergeant's businesslike appearance (still with ample cleavage visible of course) and the English footballers seemed more than happy to pose with the lady for some happy snaps.Ms Sargeant then walked with the players  to a waiting cruiser which the chaps boarded. As Sargeant waved goodbye the agency girls appeared from the lower deck, one sporting a black g-string.

"Is Sharon involved in the other agency" we asked her assistant. "I couldn't possibly discuss her business" he replied "but she certainly has interests in more than one agency". 
"And can we arrange some nude waitresses or a lesbian sex show through you" we asked. "Of course" was the reply.

Meanwhile after Sharon was featured in Rupert Murdoch's top daily tabloid the Daily Telegraph partying in Las Vegas with one of the USA's top porn stars Claudia Marie, it seems the US lady is cock a hoop over the publicity that reverberated around the world and even appeared in the Hindustan Times. Claudia has now been invited to open a huge Adult convention in Las Vegas next month on the strength of it !
Odd news emanating out of Dubai. The son of the countries biggest grocery empire Rodric David has been detained by the government for unspecified reasons . Although he was released he has been ordered to remain in the country until further notice.

Rodric David
 The Davids are one of Australia's wealthiest families and have numerous business interests. Rodric is the chairman and founder of  Emergent Capital, based in Dubai. Is it in connection with the massive downturn in property that has hit the Emirates badly ?. It's reported his detention was over a visa matter but the David family is saying nought.

The Shuttle reported exclusively on the 'Roman'  bash Rodric David threw during the 2000 Olympics, which he co-hosted with the sons of fellow first families, Janus Hooker heir to the L.J Hooker real estate empire and Michael Grace of the Grace Bros department stores. It was described as "the most hedonistic party Sydney had seen for decades". Guests included Olympians Ian Thorpe and Susie O'Neil.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Royal, her fiancee, the Love Boat and the footballer

Sharon Sargeant
The Social Shuttle attended a small lunch at the uber chic Otto's on  Woolloomooloo Wharf on Wednesday and over a few glasses of Bollinger watched a small tableaux unfold before us . At the next restaurant Mantra a long table of English footballers had assembled for a lively lunch.

Much food and fines wines were consumed by the hearty lads and soon an arrival caught our eye. Sharon Sargeant, former fiancee of the noted private eye about town Frank Monte and  recently outed as the  boss of the upmarket RedVelvet Escorts and Model Agency, walked brusquely down the wharf in a smart military style outfit to greet the footie players. Business cards were exchanged, happy snaps taken and mobile phones were running hot. Something was afoot.

Soon a gleaming gin palace glided into the wharf and by co-incidence moored next to the spanking new $8M vessel, Ghost owned by the clever young 'accountant to the stars' Anthony Bell who guides the financial affairs of most of the top local movie stars. Bell keeps Ghost permanently docked at Woolloomooloo with a staff of 3 in order to hold informal business meetings with clients like Russell Crowe who lives at the end of the wharf in a  2 story  penthouse.

sailing  into destiny
The Shuttle party finished lunch and ambled over to Ghost where we were to join a small party for an afternoon harbour cruise in honour of the  visiting  Chancellor of the  St John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem, Dr John Talbot and wife Esme.

Mike & Zara
As we departed on Ghost the British footballers were now onboard the other vessel and several cheerful young lasses appeared from below, 2 in very fetching skimpy outfits-one in a g-string. We were close enough to exchange 'ahoys' and away we all sailed on our respective tours. Ringing in our ears were the parting words of one of the young ladies aboard the football express.." a happy ending is promised to all..." . What could she have meant ?.

The Royal?. Staying in the same party as our footie visitors at the Hotel Intercontinental, are Zara Phillips and her fiancee MikeTindall . While her mum Princess Anne has been doing Ascot, Zara has attended all the English team's matches in Australia, completely unnoticed. She wasn't aboard the Love Boat.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Department store scandal

Megan Gale and Mark McInnes 
Sad news today as the CEO of the chic department store David Jones, Mark McInnes steps down following a boardroom stoush over his personal relationship with a female staff member.

The shock announcement came in a one line statement although there have been whispers for months now. McInnes who has been at DJs for 13 years completely overhauled the stores after a disastrous flirtation with an imported American CEO who completely mis-read the local market and attempted to turn the 100 year old up-market purveyors of top quality merchandise into a chain of Bloomingdale style stores.

Miranda Kerr & Orlando at Royal Randwick  (c tSS)
McInnes had the city store completely re-furbished back to  it's original style with marble floors, inexpensive but luxurious food halls, grand  floral displays and personal service from white gloved assistants. He also restored the tradition of a pianist at the Elizabeth Street entrance, tinkling away on a grand piano. The punters flocked back and as anyone knows, popping into DJs just for a wander through the emporium is always an afternoon treat.

So successful were McInnes innovations that Mohamed Al Fayed hired the same team who oversaw the decorations, to tart up Harrods.
McInnes was also behind the hiring of supermodels Megan Gale and Miranda Kerr.

Always a gracious host, Mark hosted a lunch at last year's Autumn Carnival at the Royal Randwick Races for the media and various guests with Orlando Bloom and Kerr.
 He will be sadly missed . With a huge promotional budget that paid off in dividends via huge sales for DJs, McInnes will be a hard man to replace. Where he is off to he isn't saying but with a $2Million pay-off, the world is his oyster. As for David Jones, their share price plunged today on the Stock Exchange following Mark's departure.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bad News for Crocofile Dundee's Paul Hogan

John Cornell, Linda Kozlowski, Paul Hogan & Delvene Delaney (c tSS)
He is estimated to have made a $150M fortune from the Crocodile Dundee films which he wrote and starred in but Paul Hogan is facing a serious battle with the Australian Taxation Office after it was revealed that a complicated series of financial transactions between 2002 and 2005 saw millions of dollars being channeled to Hogan from a number of tax havens.

During that period Hogan and wife Linda Kozlowski moved back to Australia and purchased a sumptuous harbourside mansion in Sydney's before selling up to move back to Los Angeles in early 2006. But the Australian Crime Commission is claiming that Hogan declared himself 'stateless' during the 3 year hiatus and as neither a resident of Australia or the USA paid no tax in either country while at the same time moving millions to various bank accounts from a company registered in the British Virgin Islands. The Commission claims that the company was a sham and owned by Hogan and his partner in his films, John 'Strop' Cornell.

When Hoges and Strop made the first film in 1986 it was financed by them and produced on a small budget but went on to become a huge box office hit raking in more than $500M worldwide. They both invested heavily in the northern NSW resort of Byron Bay and made tens of millions out of successful ventures there.

Hogan has been fighting in the High Court for 6 years to keep accountancy documents secret after 2 newspaper publishers-Rupert Murdoch's Nationwide News and the Fairfax Media took him to court . Today he lost that fight and was ordered to pay both companies costs which are estimated to be in the region of $15M.

In 2008, Hogan, who lives in the US and has said he paid Australia more tax than he could have, told the Tax Office to ''come and get me, you miserable bastards''. And now it looks like they will with the added weight of the Crime Commission. Hogan had claimed the documents were 'privileged'. The court decided otherwise which now means they can be used by the Crime Commission who have claimed that the actor has avoided paying tax for years.

This doesn't look good for Hoges. His friend Glen Wheatley, the rock band manager received a sentence of 30 months in 2007 for a similar series of financial moves involving $800,000. And even worse- it looks likely the US Inland Revenue will become involved.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the Shuttle scoops Fleet Street-again!

Lord Hamlyn
A Day at The Races
Nearly a week after the Social Shuttle revealed exclusively that the lifetime patron of the famed Sydney dominatrix Madame Lash was the British peer and publisher Paul Hamlyn, Britain's Daily Mail has caught up to speed.

We attended the launch of the Madame Lash biography penned by Sam Everingham last Monday evening at her city residence The Kirk, a deconsecrated Presbyterian Church. While 200 guests were treated to topless acrobats and an opera singer the expected guest of honour Gretel Pinniger -Lash's real name, failed to show despite phoning ahead from her limousine- a former hearse with the numberplate STIFF, to tell our snapper to be prepared and wait outside for her arrival in an outfit she said contained "ten yards of red taffeta and a whip or 2".
Madame at The Kirk
Former Oz Magazine founder and later Kerry Packer executive Richard Walsh launched the book and gave a brief history of Lash expecting the lady to appear at any moment. She never arrived.

 Paul Hamlyn, Baron Hamlyn of Edgeworth was born in Germany and fled with his family to the UK in 1933 and became one of the richest publishers in the world with Hamlyn Books (born Paul Hamburger he chose the name Hamlyn from a telephone book). When he died in 2001 he left an enormous fortune including a $500M charity foundation plus a yearly stipend to Gretel with the stipulation his name never be revealed by her.

Clyde Packer (left) with Sir Frank and Kerry
It was always common knowledge that Hamlyn was Pinniger's benefactor. He was introduced to Madame Lash by Clyde Packer, brother of Kerry Packer. Clyde was considered to be Sir Frank Packer's business heir but after a public spat with his father he sold his share of the publishing business to brother  Kerry for $4M in the 1960's and spent the next 40 years wearing caftans and indulging himself in the counter culture that included hiring  the services of Madame Lash. It was Packer who introduced other wealthy like-minded businessmen like Gordon Barton to Lash.

Hamlyn, who has family members in Sydney visited regularly and would take Lash on trips to Asia. One service that the dominatrix specialised in that is rarely mentioned is that she allowed the whip to be turned on her !. And rarely mentioned is the fact that in her 3 houses-The Kirk, one in Melbourne and a splendid beach house at Palm Beach, she has fully equipped dungeons that includes Nazi officer outfits.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anna Nicole, Michael, Elvis goodies up for sale

 Show-biz Special :

If you always wanted to own a piece of a dead celebrity this is your chance. At Julien's Auctions in Las Vegas beginning on the 24th June a whole range of star memorabilia is up for sale with some fabulously tasteful pieces including a medical swab from Elvis Presley (expected to sell for about $1000). 
Just think of the assortment of drugs in that swab-percodan,Quaalude, Seconal, Ritalin-the lot. Just sit yourself on a toilet seat with a peanut butter sandwich and you too can feel like The King.

Our personal favourite is Janis Joplin's arrest photos. The best she's ever looked !.

There's a mass of stuff from Michael Jackson's estate including just about everything he ever wore and a few pieces from the Neverland Ranch including a "security badge' to bring out the inner bossy pedo in you.
Anna's doggy's bed


Anna Nicole Smith must have collected every bit of Marilyn Monroe tat going. Dozens of handbags with Marilyn's face, mugs, photos, it's all up for sale including some of Anna Nicole's own "art". Gorgeous. And her doggies bed and her fake Louis Vuitton suitcase.
A masterpiece by Anna Nicolle

There's something for everyone including from those still breathing-Bob Dylan, Britney Spears and check out Ozzy Osbourne's dreadful office 'suite' which they think may bring $800!. Yuk 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Rose By Any Other Name...

As the dust settled in Perth's Langley Park earlier this week and the billionaire's protesting over  a new mining tax were safely ensconced in their limos, our thoughts wandered to the whereabouts of the wondrous Rose Hancock Porteous , Perth socialite who thrilled and delighted a nation when as a humble maid for the late mining magnate Lang Hancock, she married  the ailing tycoon when he was 74 and she 38.

Rose, in a city that was not easy to shock with the antics of an Alan Bond who first snared a nation by winning the prestige America's Cup in 1983 outraging the conservative New York Yacht Club that had held the trophy since 1851, and then snared tens of thousands of investors in dud schemes, or a Laurie Connell who launched a merchant bank with a few hundred million dollars borrowed from the state government which all disappeared in a puff of smoke, Rose Hancock was breath of fresh air edging out Bond's wife "Big Red" Eileen as the western city's major society queen.

Rose & Lang
Rose and Lang built a love nest for themselves-Prix L'Amour, a 50 room gala palace overlooking the Swan River and in the upper class Perth suburb of Peppermint Grove where champagne and caviar parties  abounded and swells from all over the country, bussed in on Rose's private jet, danced the  night away-whilst Lang languished upstairs in an oxygen tent.

Lang's daughter Gina Rinehart from a previous marriage never saw eye to eye with Rose and bitter legal fights followed Hancock's death and stories of dodgy wills abounded and there were tales of Lang being poisoned and so on.

Prix L'Amour
But Rose got Prix L'Amour and a tidy sum  and married a real estate agent William Porteous 3 months after Lang's death and together they razed Prix L'Amour to the ground, sold off blocks of the land for tens of millions and built themselves their own smaller love nest in it's place. Drug charges followed and court battles over legal fees but our Rose survived it all.

Now news comes that Rose has had a stroke and is recovering at home. Her facebook page has remained strangely silent with the last post being on the Dec 9th 2009 saying "So many lovely fans!". The previous one on May 17th she says "oh I still love my Willie!", presumably referring to husband William who is caring for Rose at home.

The Shuttle encountered Rose a few times when she travelled to Sydney. The first was at the premier of the FoxTel cable TV show "Beauty and The Beast" where she was a panelist along with others like Ita Buttrose and  the One Nation politician Pauline Hanson. Hanson made a derogatory comment about Asians at which point Rose stood up and swore at Hanson in Filipino and stormed out, clambered into a Roller and tore off in a cloud of dust!

Now we've uncovered a wonderful video of Rose on youtube as she castigates her staff while getting ready for one her legendary lunch parties. Enjoy-

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Join the Billionaire's Club!

Dress to Oppress ! Twiggy Forrest
It was a sight to warm the hearts of Capitalists everywhere-Australia's richest woman Gina Rinehart demonstrating against the proposed mining tax that will be increased to 40% on future profits.

 Never have the well heeled  battlers come out in force and together for such a common cause. Billionaire's and the nation's 3 richest people-Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest, the corpulent Clive Palmer and our Gina, daughter of the late billionaire Lang Hancock who married his Filipino nurse Rose-in twin set and pearls shouting herself hoarse on the back of a flat bed truck on the well manicured lawns of Perth's Langley Park, screeching about PM Kevin Rudd's proposed tax that will kick in 2012 and replace a royalty system currently paid.
No Tax Gina Rinehart
Gina's ex-step mum Rose

 'Twiggy' Forrest is one our favourites-hovering between the richest and second richest man in the country depending on share price and always pictured at these events in a worker's orange flouro jacket and miner's helmet-sparkling clean-before clambering into his chauffeured Beemer and speeding off to the boardroom.

The idea of this tax is the more the mining corporations make-most with their headquarters based in Geneva or the Cayman Islands, the more the government will make on minerals dug out of the ground  and the more the government will raise in taxes on a finite resource that will run out one day. 

Whilst China booms so do we and with building programs there that will see Aussie mineral deposits that have kept the country afloat for 2 decades , sought after for years to come , the government reckons the common people should be getting a bigger share of what basically belongs to the nation. The billionaires aren't having any of that nonsense and reckon the Mandarin speaking Rudd is on the way to become a full blown Communist (while China is well on the way to becoming a capitalist giant). 

Clive Palmer
Of course mining actually does little to improve the country. No infrastructure is built-just bloody great holes in the ground from which the precious minerals are extracted and then these mining giants  just move on

Someone has badly planned this PR cock-up. The miner's union wouldn't have a bar of it so it was left to the bosses to pitch in a few hundred million dollars for a TV advert campaign. But having a handful of mining corporation bosses-with US , British and European accents weeping over lost billions in profits was always going to end in tears and having one corporation which wasn't stock market listed (hence it's share price wouldn't be affected) announce it was upping stakes and moving out only to discover it was actually expanding it's drilling operations soon backfired.

Not only will these corporations  be able to deduct all investment in their mineral searches , they will only pay tax on super profits at 40% which is reckoned by the Treasury to raise an extra $9Billion a year.

As a flushed Gina led a chorus of mine managers (on about $250K a year) in a rousing chant of-
"Axe the tax..axe the tax"..she paused for a minute and shouted "what do want for Australia again?" impertinent sod shouted "the Wallabies  to win on Saturday !".( the rugby team  are playing the English team at Subiaco oval in Perth).

The Shuttle has forwarded Gina, Clive and Twiggy's and names to be entered in the Roll of Honour at the prestige USA organisation Billionaire's For Wealthcare who regularly turn up in limos at anti-Barack Obama parades against socialised health care.
Motto : Appearances Are Everything-Dress to Impress and Oppress !