Saturday, May 22, 2010

Now a Top Murdoch reporter admits visiting gay sauna

Gay sauna visitor Paul Kent
Whilst his comrades are laying into the hapless former Transport Minister David Campbell for paying a visit to a gay sauna-an entirely legal act without any parliamentary rules broken, a Daily Telegraph reporter Paul Kent who won the 2009 Features Editor of The Year award at the News Awards has admitted he has also visited Kens Karate Klub the now famous gay sauna bath-house in Sydney's Kensington. (interested readers who feel they would like to partake in activities at Kens-just drive along Anzac Parade and look for Peters Of Kensington the glitzy bridal gift store. It's right next door)

In a piece wittily entitled 'All Bets and Towels Were Off" Kent gives us an account of his visit to the 'Roman orgy swap meet' as he describes it including a dungeon room with chains hanging from the roof and a bondage rack against the wall (a colleague emails me that surely Kent is confused and was  describing Rupert Murdoch's office), cell like rooms equipped with rubber gym mats and a relaxing visit to the pool room with it's perspex roof so visitors on the floor above could witness what was happening in the pool below in which Kent ominously says "much had happened". What can he mean ?. Had someone unkindly deflated the water wings , let out the air from the rubber ducky lilos?. Annoyingly, Kent leaves out all the saucy parts we want to hear.

He also peeked into the video room where someone was watching a film called Hombres! (possibly waiting until the credits rolled so he could catch the film's title.

But it's Kent's visit to the sauna room where he gives information that could be of great use for our many gay readers. Kent entered the sauna and sweated away with 2 other men in silence. Just as the heat got to him-one man stood up and left. According to Kent this is an invitation to follow the man to one of those gym mat cubicles so he was forced to stay much longer in the sauna. But he doesn't say why.Too shy ? Didn't fancy him?. I wish he had been more specific
Kent says he was identified as a 'newbie' but only spent 45 minutes at the sauna. He's certainly a fast learner in gaydar.

As for Ken 'Candy' Johnson the owner of Ken's, I tried to get him on the phone today for a  comment but his assistant said he wasn't available. I'd say he's at St Mary's Cathedral lighting a hundred candles and thanking the Lord for the million dollars worth of free publicity.

For more News Ltd froth and bubble, visit  their on-line lightweight 'Punch' magazine where former Daily Telegraph editor David Penberthy offers up an article :

Penberthy was the editor of the Telegraph up until a while ago when he ran the disastrous front page saucy pics reputed to be of a young Pauline Hanson, the ex-politician, in frilly underwear, supplied by the paparazzi Jamie Fawcett. The pics turned out to be of  a lass from a Russian dating site.

Being relatively young Penberthy may like to research back to a former era when the Labor Party's Paul Keating was facing the so-called 1993 "unwinnable" election (which he won) against a right wing Liberal Party leader John Hewson whose policies included driving out of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory the plethora of sex supermarkets that dominate the landscape. (Porn cannot be sold in states but only the 2 territories), The Conservatives abandoned the policy when the Eros Association in Canberra that represents the sex industry threatened to expose the hundreds of politicians -from all parties-who visited Canberra's dozens of brothels and porn shops.

We all know Rupert has thrown his weight behind the Liberal Party and has PM Kevin Rudd in his sights. I doubt an expose on the intimate lives of politicians, including the married Federal Liberal Party senator who also frequents a city gay sauna and the half dozen married closeted gay conservative MPs we know of, will go down well with the boss. Especially if he really does have those chains and bondage rack in his office.