Sunday, March 7, 2010

this is becoming just too easy...

The Sunday Telegraph today brings us an interview with charming actor Matt Damon. As journalist Jane Cornwell reports in her piece titled: Matt Damon opens up about love, kids and saving the world

In Australia for the 2007 premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum, he did so much promotion that the Matt Damon sightings continued after he left.

Last December, he allegedly hopped off an ocean liner at Bateman’s Bay, NSW, where he allegedly bought prawns and signed a petition to support, um, vodka dipping sauce.
He sighs good-naturedly.
“That was somebody pretending to be me,” he says of this Tom Ripley-style identity theft.
“It happens. My wife used to work in a bar and the bartender called us once, saying, ‘There’s a guy in here who looks like you and says he is you.’ There was some guy sitting in the VIP section getting free champagne.”

And what was the august publication that Ms Cornwell neglected to inform her readers that reported the "Tom Ripley-style identity theft " ? (as fact without the crucial word "allegedly"..which the Social Shuttle shot down in flames within hours of the report.)
Step forward the Daily Telegraph-sister and week-day publication of the Sunday Telegraph.