Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rupert..have a word with your picture editors

Ronnie Wood reportedly received a black eye and a fat lip after a boozy scuffle
While tSS has to rely on an illiterate office cat-Mildred Pierce, for our sub-editing which admittedly produces some shockers, we still haven't made some of the corkers that we spot  in the News Corp tabloids.

A tale for today's  Sunday Telegraph and no doubt picked up from one of it's publications from the UK stable, about Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones. This is what comes from dispensing with boozey old hacks and replacing them with bright young 25 year olds on 2 year contracts. They just don't have the experience.
The tale is headlined :

ROLLING Stones star Ronnie Wood received a black eye and a fat lip after a boozy scuffle with his latest girlfriend. 
( it can be read here)

Brazilian polo teacher Ana Aranujo, 30, lost her temper with the wayward aging rocker when she discovered he hit the bottle behind her back, reports The Sun. 
She thumped him after first ripping up two paintings he made at his mansion in Surrey, south-east England.

Illustrating the story is the above pic of  Keith Richards.
Such unforgiveable sacrilege, mistaking one Rolling Stone for another. This is Ronnie:

Both have crumpled but distinctive faces.

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