Friday, March 5, 2010

Murdoch tabloid just a little dated...

They mocked us when we first printed the tale with the headline on Sunday, November 29, 2009,

Exclusive !-famous cottager to attend Mardi Gras
...and so it came to pass just as we predicted and breathlessly reported in Rupert's top Aussie tabloid the Daily Telegraph today.
At the time they said we were bonkers. That's also the same crew who brought us the riveting non-tale of actor Matt Damon holidaying on The World ocean liner in Queensland in November despite the fact that the movie star-as we pointed out-was skiing in Aspen.
Yes, George Michael will appear at this Saturdays official Mardi Gras party (last weekend was a festival party after the actual Mardi Gras parade -the MG committee totally botched their planning).
Michael was dining tonight at Justin Hemme's Lotus restauarant in Potts Point and was happy to promise our names will be on the door ( famous last words of course-that never works out