Saturday, March 6, 2010

Greek love thrives in Asia

Tina Kavalis
 A local fashion designer servicing a small but loyal clientele, Greek born Tina Kavilas is in line for the top costume design award at the Asian Film Awards which will be held in Hong Kong on March 30th.
Tina's costumes for the Japanese drama Goemon have been hailed as unique and stunning.
While showing intermittently at the Sydney and Melbourne fashion weeks, Tina sells at a few select stores abroad including the prestige fashion store Browns in South Molton Street, London.

Lacroix, darling !
The Asian Film Awards have only been going since 2007 and follow the Hong Kong Film Festival and may not garner the same attention as the Oscars will this Sunday evening, but they still attract major international stars including of course, China's biggest export Jackie Chan.

The awards are beamed on TV to tens of millions throughout Asia and China. Countries like Thailand, China, Japan and the Philippines have thriving film production industries and stars who rival those in the west for their celebrity status.
Tina has some stiff competition though. Another contender and winner for the last 2 years -Christian Lacroix !.

George Miller, recipient  of the Medal of France on Tuesday evening at the Roundhouse launch of the French Film Festival told tSS there is every chance he may revive the postponed production-Wonder Woman with supermodel Megan Gale favourite for the lead role.

the Italian Goddess (c) (contact tSS for the unedited version)!)
 Gale, who can wander down the smart shopping lane ways of Paddington unhindered and ignored, is now reaching Goddess status in Italy where she has become one of the most phenomenal stars of recent years.

 Italy has taken to Gale's statuesque and smouldering dark looks-a product of her Australian father and Hawaiian mother, much in the way they worshiped Claudia Cardinale , Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren. Gale maintains an apartment on the chic Via Veneto in Rome and cannot step outside the door without drawing dozens of excited fans in a crush that soon builds into pandemonium. Whilst she hasn't yet appeared in a movie, she is sifting through offers from most of Italy's  top directors.
Hamish & Andy-booted from the BBC
Whilst Megan's star zooms in Italy , her boyfriend Hamish Blake -half of the radio duo Hamish and Andy has returned from an experiment in the UK after the duo's  BBC digital radio program was  pulled after only six episodes  To make matters worse Hamish's handsome dial has been somewhat sullied in an ice-skating accident during which he broke his 2 front teeth.