Sunday, February 28, 2010

we want you at 6am tomorrow-naked.

This morning's shoot-is there a giant pile of clothing somewhere?
    Photographer Spencer Tunick has sent out an urgent call for his photo shoot tomorrow morning on the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House.
   You will be only required to drop your gear for about 5 minutes and the shoot takes place come rain or shine (probably rain ).
    You have to be over 18 and sign up here-now, tonight. Spencer says about 30% of those who sign up for his famous nude shoots drop out on the day. It should be rather spectacular with the Opera House sails in the background and every participant gets a special Tunick snap as a souvenir.
 And don't think you can sneak down for a look !. No-one is allowed in the vicinity !

# update: nearly 5000 turned up! How does he do it ?.So many happy to get their clothes off for art( not tSS of must be joking). And an overcast day which means much kinder lighting..and by the look of those who made it, that's a blessing.

## before arriving at the Mardi Gras carnival George Michael did a pub crawl up Oxford Street, happy to mingle with locals. He's so taken by the town he's extended his Sydney stay another 4 days.
Everyone-including a cynical tSS was blown away by his Thursday night concert. Maybe because it's been so long between visits. Maybe age has mellowed him into middle-aged coolness. George is a superb performer. Relaxed, professional, like a rock'n'roll crooner.. His voice has never been better. If you get the chance, catch his show..