Friday, February 5, 2010

Murdoch's "pervert" vanishes !

      Perhaps it's the influence of Rupert Murdoch's son-in-law Mathew Freud, a UK "communications" expert who abhors some of his dad-in-law's enterprises like the wacky Fox News in the USA. Has he become a moral arbiter for the giant worldwide News Corp conglomerate and if so, how far is his reach ?
      This morning in the first edition of Rupert's much loved Daily Telegraph, and in the early morning editions of each of the tabloids throughout Australia, editors with hearts of gold declared the launch of a "Save The Perve " campaign.
     An unfortunate chap had been spotted viewing some saucy snaps of the gorgeous Miranda Kerr, the current squeeze of movie star Orlando Bloom, on a late night TV news broadcast as one of his co-workers fronted the camera explaining the latest financial news.
     We caught a glimpse of the hapless man's face as he turned to stare at the camera . A fleeting look of horror descended. He was busted.
    The video went viral throughout the world. 
     The wheels were soon in motion as an eager editor launched his selfless campaign dreamed up by a enterprising journalist, to save the poor man's business career.
       As tSS sipped an early morning cuppa we pondered how long this latest lunacy would last. But phones were already in meltdown as bleary eyed lawyers from the respected firm, Messers Sue Grabbit and Runn were summonsed from their slumbers.
    Couriers were soon on their way with angry letters of demand. The editor of GQ Magazine from where Miranda's pics had emanted was fuming. Kerr's modelling agent was livid. Even the embarrassed "porn" viewer saw a brief ray of sunlight in his misery as he faced suspension, as the magic word "libel" was mentioned far and wide.
    It was all over by mid-day. The Tele's heartfelt pleas to save the man's career were dashed, along with that of the hapless hack who dreamed up the idea and who probably hoped to earn a place at the feet of the great Murdoch. The piece vanished from the net. Early editions were pulped.
   And how was this  all too brief campaign to Save The Perve  illustrated ? Why with a saucy snap of Miranda of course !

Another gratuitous snap of Miranda.

update : the man has kept his job.

ps : ninemsn still carries a "perve" story-there could still be some big cash in this  !