Saturday, February 20, 2010

forget gay Jesus-we uncover the greatest miracle of all !

Elton's Jesus ?
  The Daily Mail, Britain's most successful on-line newspaper and probably the best presented tabloid on the planet brings us startling news in a story about the canonization of Oz nun Mother Mary McKillop.

Writing about another saintly candidate, the Canadian priest Brother Andre, in it's report the Mail says:

"Brother Andre, who founded Saint Joseph Oratory in Canada. Born on August 9, 1945 under the name of Alfred Bessette, Bother Andre, died on January 6, 1937 in Montreal"

Surely a feat Elton John's rebel rabbi bender could only dream of-dying before one's birth !. It certainly saves time.

"Hope I die before I get old"-Brother Andre
As the Catholic Church,the countries dominant religion eyes it's parish in Australia- there are moves afoot with top Catholic, Cardinal George Pell who has just returned from an extended visit to the Vatican.
With McKillop's rise to sainthood the Catholic Church is shoring up it's constituency and filling a religious void. The power of the country having it's own saint St Mary, should not be underestimated. Lapsed Catholics have been returning to the church in droves since the Mary McKillop campaign started over 10 years ago.
Cardinal George Pell has returned just in time for the announcement after illness delayed him in Rome.

Cardinal George Pell with Pope Benedict XVI
But our Vatican spy-disguised as a handsome Swiss Guard who has wandered the corridors of power for clandestine meetings with elderly Vatican officials brings us news of a move within the Holy City.

Cardinal Pell may well become the next president of the Vatican City State, the highest position and just below that of the Pope. The current president, His Eminence Cardinal Giovanni Cardinal Lajolo is rumored to be retiring and the church, with one of the best PR machines that has operated for centuries cannot have missed that all things Oz are currently in vogue. Next to the USA, the Catholic Church's property holdings in Australia are the richest outside the Vatican.

Pell is a great friend of the current Pope Benedict XVI and it's rumored to have stood aside in the final papal ballot to allow his great friend to take the helm. Is he now being rewarded ? It was certainly Pell's advocacy that brought about the hugely successful 2008 World Youth Day to Sydney with the Pope's visit and resulted in huge numbers flocking to the church. Pell has also resided over the healing of a long rift with the Anglican church that has been historically anti-Roman-Catholic since the convict days when Anglican masters ruled over the largely Catholic convict populace.

George Pell is an arch-conservative with a strict adherence to orthodoxy who rules the Catholic church in Australia with an iron fist. He brooks no opposition and has a coterie of young priests at his command, collectively known as Pell's Angels.

Those who believe Pell's move to the Vatican will bring some moderation in the local church's strict views on homosexuality, female priests and divorce will find no relief if Pell's anointed successor, the younger Rev Anthony Fisher takes over. Such is Fisher's adherence to all things Pell he is know locally as Boy George.

the Odd Couple
  To the NSW Art Gallery to meet the Odd Couple of the British art world-Gilbert and George. Brought to Sydney by art patron and fabric importer John Kaldor , the artists revealed some of the fascinating facts of their life style. They have eaten at the same Turkish restaurant every night in the East End for over 30 years. Gilbert takes a 3 hour walk around the local streets every night before dinner and is joined on the last hour by George.

  In the afternoons they are joined by the same 2 local homeless men for afternoon tea and serve them instant coffee-the only beverage in their larder. And they give them each £2 when they leave. What fun !

update #3... the number of members of Facebook's "Eddie Mcguire is ruining the 2010 Winter Olympics coverage" is now at 7301, a rise of over 5000 since the Social Shuttle brought it to world attention which co-incidently equals the number of readers of tSS over the past few days !
Cardinal Pell update : Journalist Mike Carlton speculates that George Pell is in line for the position of prefect of the Congregation for Bishops. Carlton is a rare species amongst media reptiles-he does his research. tSS feels our Vatican source is however more accurate.
update #4...membership of Eddie Mcguire's Facebook group now stands at 8050. The latest member one Geoff Wills writes  : "Management at that station must be nearly neanderthal in there views.The absolute worst Olympics telecast I have seen"