Friday, February 26, 2010

blogging from the Champagne Bar at Pink Stiletto

     Light rain has kept early racegoers away-except for tSS who has commandeered a corner of the Champagne Bar with a track-side view to host drinks for our expected numerous instant new friends. That was half an hour ago, now they are streaming in for the world's first Gay & Lesbian race day at Royal Randwick, Pink Stiletto. The ladies look glamorously turned out at this stage. But are they cocks in frocks ?. We can't tell until they get a little closer.

    One correction. The Mardi Gras is tomorrow night and not next Saturday as we  reported earlier . The Mardi Gras party is next Saturday night and tonight there is a sort of Mardi Gras carnival at the Fox Entertainment Centre-the venue for  mass orgy gala after-parade party was previously booked. Such is No, we can;t work it all out either.

      One guest who we hope will be joining us later this afternoon, film-maker John Waters of Hair Spray and Pink Flamingos fame. Waters will be presenting a one-man show at the Concert Hall in the Opera House (tickets $45 at their website) on March 2nd during which he talks about his career onwards from his first 8mm film in 1964-Fag in a Black Leather Jacket.

John Waters
    Will the Channel Nine publicity department take note of our suggestion relayed to them yesterday and extend our invitation to Olympics host Eddie McGuire to front the Pink Stiletto day and kill 2 birds with one stone ?. Probably not in these days of corporate group think. The CH 9 publicist couldn't grasp our concept that it would produce fantastic front page photographs of Eddie with Minnie Cooper, Clair de Lune and other delightful Ladies of the Oxford Street circuit. Just as we did similarly at past Mardi Gras events with snaps of comedian Billy Connolly and Men Behaving Badly stars Martin Clune and Neil Morrisey with groups of drag queens which garnered media coverage throughout the world.

   And Eddie's image in the gay community  may have been repaired which may  help mitigate circumstances with today's anouncement that the Anti-Discrimination Board will hold an inquiry into McGuire and co-host Mike Molloy's disastrous Olympic commentary. There can be repercussions if a finding is against McGuire-although a fine would mean little a TV station's licence can be seriously affected not to mention when negotiations come up for the station to broadcast the next Olympics.

There is now video up on the Sydney Morning Herald's website of the drag race where a few delightful trannies lined up at the barriers for a foot race. Boobs flopped out much to the delight of all. So predictable and obvious-they had to say what everyone has been avoiding-the Sport of Kings became the Sport of Queens.