Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jonathan King probed by Madame Arcati

For the unenlightened, Madame Arcati is one of the UK's most famous bloggers with an extremely healthy and envious world-wide following. And she has a habit of getting up the collective noses of British tabloid editors and journalists.
Although one suspects Madame may also have a large fan base on the Street Of Shame as she exposes some of the nonsense and vagaries of the variety of pompous poseurs who now eek out a living writing the drivel that appears in many British newspapers as they plunge towards an uncertain future.
MA reminds tSS of the former News Ltd journo, ex-Liberal Party flack and shareholder activist Stephen Mayne who has become the bane of Rupert Murdoch's life by asking difficult questions at News Corp shareholder meetings.
Mayne started the website in 2003 and (with help from tSS) quickly built it into the leading political, business and social comment website in Australia. Despite having to sell his house to pay a few libel lawsuits (without our help) he sold crikey in 2005 to former Editor-in-Chief of the Sydney Morning Herald Eric Beecher for a cool one million dollars.
That's a long-winded introduction to say, why comment on a book when Arcati gives such good review ? Read her views on pop mogul and self confessed "vile pervert" Jonathan King's autobiography. 65 My Life So Far by Jonathan King.

King has been penning best selling songs since he was a university student in 1965 when he wrote the much recorded 'Everyone's Gone To The Moon". His book is flying off the shelves and apparently has become a wildly popular read for holidaying Brits on the Mediterranean. tSS will read it when Amazon finally get's it's act together.

A small extract from Madame Arcati's review :

"Oh, JK! How could you? Or rather, how could you not?

What with all the celebs you've fucked, discovered, promoted, befriended, detested, wanked, created, re-invented, guided, supported and, yes, fucked again with your self-proclaimed 8" phallus over the decades, how could you not have had an index compiled for this monster-sized tome of star goss that is your autobiography? It took me half an hour to find the Madame Arcati mention on p570. And then I only found it by deductive reasoning.

Please, please get one done for a future reprint! Listen to a gnarled old index-loving clairvoyant."

Madame's wish may come true. On his website King says his self-published book may be about to be picked up by a major publisher.

Watch one of King's great hits-Johnny Reggae by The Piglets

## Friday-we set our sights on Christopher Walter Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, climate denialist and the man who single handedly won the Falklands War !