Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hollywood loves Toni-Sydney adores Cate

While Toni Collette was receiving plaudits at the Golden Globes in LA where she was voted Best Actress in a TV series-the terrific show The United States of Tara, a much smaller get-together was happening in Kings Cross when a number of media theatre critics gave their own awards for the year's local productions at the Sydney Theatre Awards.
It wasn't going to be too difficult to guess who would receive the top gong-Cate Blanchett for her Sydney Theatre Company's production of A Street Car Named Desire, directed by the legendary Liv Ullmann and which wowed audiences throughout the USA.
Cate is one of the most bankable stars in the world, one of the most gorgeous with flawless porcelain skin, captivating eyes and is the least affected by her amazing success.
There's no chance she'll trade in long time husband, playwright and director Andrew Upton, she adores him. Still commanding up to $15M a movie, she has a few homes dotted around the world but prefers her stately homestead in the fairly suburban Hunters Hill, albeit with superb harbour views where she can give her kids a kind of normal life.
And she still hangs out at the bar after an awards affair or opening night and always look quite beautiful.And she treats tSS to a glass or 2 of champers and drops us home in her limo. Our kind of gal.
Under Blanchett's stewardship the Sydney Theatre Company goes from strength to strength drawing endorsements from the likes of Giorgio Armani who has flown into town to see 3 productions including Streetcar and this year's critics award for the best production The War of the Roses.

Other theatre types who dropped in included Leah Purcell and actor Marcus Graham (left)-Nic Kidman's secret long-time ex. Marcus tells us he has another gig in a new series of the US show Sins of The City and is ploughing through half a dozen Hollywood scripts.

Tiny actor Tom Burlinson (right ) handed out a few awards. He tells tSS he is still in such high demand for his Frank Sinatra tribute show he could spend the rest of his life in the Catskills or Las Vegas making a fortune.
Actor Josh McConville was named best newcomer for his roles in The Call and Strange Attractor. And in mid-presentations, word came through that the lovely Caroline O'Connor had just received 3 standing ovations at the opening of Cell Block Tango on Broadway (clip below)
Cate tries her hand badly at the piano...

and (below) poses with something in a frame.

Tomorrow tSS goes to Redfern where HRH Prince William meets some indigenous kids. What fun !