Sunday, January 24, 2010

calling private eye Frank Monte

    An alarming report as an heir to the US Rockerfeller fortune goes missing from Melbourne airport shortly after collecting a hire car. Herman Rockefeller (pictured) hasn't been heard from by his family since arriving in Australia last Thursday which family members say is unusual. But is he from that family ?. Police aren't quite sure.
   Sounds like a case for the world's most famous private eye Frank Monte, currently moving digs from the luxury Horizon building into the even more salubrious Ikon apartment block in Potts Point.
    Monte says the "walls were too thin " at the Horizon and besides, he was just living out the end of society doctor Dr Robert Fox's lease. Fox is now living in Melbourne.
     "I always planned to live at the Ikon" says Monte. "The views are better and the rooms larger".
      Will this missing heir be found ?.
Unlike his relative Michael Rockefeller Jnr, the son of Nelson Rockerfeller who was the New York governor when his youngest boy disappeared in the wilds of the Asmat region of southwestern New Guinea around 1961. The Rockerfellers are one of the most powerful and richest US families and they called upon a young Italian born investigator Frank Monte to search for the heir.

Monte with Donald Trump

Rockefeller Jnr was never found alive although Monte says he tracked down his final movements and found the missing man's skull, duly delivered to to Nelson Rockerfeller in New York. The subject of Michael Jnr's disappearance is never discussed by the Rockerfeller clan.
                                               Frank Monte on the Larry King show

      Monte went onto become one of the most famous gumshoes in the world, working for Aristolte Onassis and various Arab sheiks and royal familes out of offices in New York and Los Angeles. He detailed his life in a book, The Spying Game and has been the subject of hundreds of magazine profiles, appeared on the Larry King and Howard Stern TV shows and ran one of the world's first internet live shows when he hit New York nightlife with thousands of viewers watching real life action via Monte's tiny spy cameras.
      Friday night was the last appearance in Australia for Tallulah Rendell on her world tour. Song-writer and singer Tallulah is the daughter of former London and Hello social scribe John Rendell, famous more recently for his best selling book Christian The Lion. Tallulah's mum is the top British publicist and co-host of the hysterical Ladettes to Lady TV show Liz Brewer.
                                                   Tallulah Rendell and father John
 Tallulah made several appearances at the Vanguard in Newtown and the Oxford Art's Factory in Darlinghurst before jetting out today for New Zealand and Japan while dad John tours local schools lecturing kids about animal conservation in Africa.