Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Bondi opening and a few brickbats...

Opening for 8 weeks over summer is the BondiSocial-the brainchild of amiable proprietor Hamilton Kings. BondiSocial will be operating on Sundays from 5pm and if you want spectacular views over Bondi Beach whilst sipping exotic cocktails on a large veranda-this is your spot.
Next door neighbour James Packer paid $5M for the same view although he's rarely there, either ensconced in his Palm Beach getaway or at the family compound in Bellevue Hill.

Hamilton Kings (left) and pals celebrate the opening
the view a private eye and 6 carats

Around 150 local identities turned up last Sunday to scoff vodka, beer and some rather heavy cocktails. It's difficult to tear yourself away from a margarita whilst watching the setting sun over a brilliant blue sky.
Amongst those checking out the restaurant were ex-Home and Away actors Damien De Montemas and Dieter Brummer-both who have starring roles in the up-coming 'Underbelly 3" series which

Underbelly 3 stars de Montemas & Brummer

concentrates on the infamous 'sinful mile' of Kings Cross in the 80's/90's when it was difficult to tell the difference between bent cops and gangsters. Also popping in-"the world's most famous private eye" Frank Monte and fiance Sharon Sargeant who appears to be sporting a rather large diamond engagement ring (6 carats I'm told).Monte told tSS of his exciting plans for his new youtube channel that will broadcast some amazing footage. Watch this space.
## They either love us or loathe us. We send sub-editor Mildred Pierce into the mailbag first these days and if she emerges fur unscathed we know it's safe to open the emails : a few of late :

From Randy *******
Date Sun 3 Jan 2009 02.32am
Subject ; why do you hate America ?
I don know why I found this website but I see you had a go at our former President George W.Bush Jnr. What is with yu commie pinko fagots ?. Yor all the same. When you need us the good ole USA is there to save yor buts.

Dear Randy , we don't hate America ! We don't hate Americans !. It's just you personally we hate. Hated your guts ever since we first clapped eyes on you which is quite something since we've never even met you. I see you live in Alabama. Get out of your sister's bed right now and go back to your own room.
Love Oscar.
From Frances****@*******.org

Date Sun 3 June 2009 03.44pm
Subject : I wish you Australian journalists would learn to spell.

Dear Frances-so do I !. Personally I blame it on the minor English public school I went to and the English master who seemed to get his rocks off by whacking small boys with a cane instead of teaching them the three Rs.
lots of love.
From Sharon****

Date Tues14 Dec 2009 08.45am
Subject :Triffle and poppycock.....
You sir ..........yes you!!!!!

You are defaming all the whole world with your blog......First the lovely Kidman now our venerable Hoges.... for gods sake man have you no shame???
Now just only the other night whilst having sex with a member of the Upper House that he told one of our ladies of the night that you had come dangerously close to emasculating him in public as a charlatan and pimp .... and he a Lord of the realm too........ at our Salon Kitty no less getting his thing whipped.....
nay you be warry lest baaad rotten men come looking for yew one night???
Careful Oscar and Mildred too... foer she is an accomplice.... You may well fall off that NYE party 30th floor??
The Scarlet pimpernell aha!!!!!

Dear Sharon,
Please remember-your doctor said you must take the medication every day ! much love Oscar.

From *******

Date Mon 28 2009 12.04am
Subject : why so many poofs ?

Hi mate-why do you keep writing about fucking poofs and perverts in dresses (blokes) ?. Are you Aussies obsessed by these creeps ? . It sounds like the place is crawling with them-regards Ben ******** , Hastings UK.

Dear Ben,
you are quite correct-we do post quite a few articles about homos and drag queens. But it's the audience-we have to play to the audience and I'm afraid there are just a lot of poofs around. I have to let you in on a little history here though Ben.

In the 1950's the Federal Minister for Immigration -a Mr Arthur Calwell conceived of a brilliant plan to "populate or perish" Australia after the fright of WW2.
To that end he promoted Australia in the United Kingdom as a land overrun by homos and -yes -you guessed right-it worked !.
The Pommy migrants flocked here in the thousands as ten pound migrants.

Today you can see the success of that immigration program in the form of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras that attracts up to one million English speaking homos and dykes. And there is even a float in the parade dedicated to Hastings Ben !. I wouldn't be surprised if it's over-flowing with heaps of your relatives ..lots of your uncles Ben, wearing delightful frocks!
much love, Oscar.