Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the virus is spreading

tSS did say we may as well spread the tale and so it has begun. Right wing mouth piece and the first successful blogger Matt Drudge reports the non-story of the non-break up of Rupert Murdoch and wife Wendi 3 days after the Social Shuttle decided the tale should go viral.

Meanwhile HRH The Queen is threatening to tether the paparazzi if they don't leave her and her royal flock alone whilst on holiday at their various sumptuous palaces.

Perhaps the market will do the job for her as the sale in "celebrity" photos falters. The Social Shuttle's USA agent which distributes our snaps throughout the world sends a regular monthly statement and the latest contains a sales report for a batch of snaps to the glorious mag Hello-the Chinese edition.
      One sale was  for a pic of Murdoch and his wife Wendi (right) which has been published dozens of times throughout Europe and Asia and which featured in a recent Hello-it received the princely sum of $4.70.