Saturday, December 5, 2009

splitsville for the Murdochs ?

It's been reported by the Sydney Morning Herald's 'PS' columnist Andrew Hornery that Rupert and Wendy Murdoch may have split. The story apparently appeared first on the net blog

the Social Shuttle (c)
 Although denials have been issued by News Ltd representatives, Hornery has quoted Murdoch biographer Michael Woolf of Vanity Fair''It's the oldest trick in the book,'' .[the Murdochs] never deny anything because they know it will just inflame it regardless of whether it is true or not.''

Woolf's The Man Who Owns The News , published in 2008 wasn't the best-seller expected. Whilst initially getting Murdoch's co-operation and interviews with the Dirty Digger, the relationship between Woolf and Murdoch floundered and the writer has kept up a running dialogue since via his VF column on Murdoch's attempts to grapple with the 'new media', plunging circulations of his world-wide newspaper empire and the endless speculation on who will run the massive News Corp empire upon Rupert's demise. He also revealed how a top News Corp executive regularly referred to the 3 contenders, Murdoch's children James, Lachlan and Elisabeth  as "the cretins".

tSS reckons this isn't a credible tale. But hey-let's send it viral anyway !
Putting in a lively performance today in the 2 federal by-elections of is our newest political force The Australian Sex Party which is running on policies like:
* To create total equal rights in all areas of the law for gay, lesbian and transsexuals.
* Overturn racist laws that ban Aboriginal people from possessing erotic and sexual media in the Northern Territory.
* The listing of Viagra, Cialis and other drugs used to treat sexual dysfunction, on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
* Ensure the sexual rights and freedoms of the disabled and elderly.
Let the good times is their Bob Dylan inspired advert: