Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a soap saga

As per usual tSS beat other media sources to the arrest of Home and Away star Todd Lasance on alleged cocaine posession charges.
         Kit and Kaboodle, the uber smart Kings Cross club was also where that other Home and Away star Jodi Gordon had spent the night before she was found in the early hours cowering beside a bed at the Rushcutter's Bay home of an alleged bike club member. The chic apartment is a few doors from the Sydney home of former British chat show host Michael Parkinson. Gordon was in a confused state and told police that earlier in the night she had used cocaine.
               Gordon's 2 year affair with Channel 7 boss and heir of the Stokes billions, Ryan Stokes, ended shortly after the incident but tSS can report the pair have been seeing each other in secret in the past 2 months.
               Another tSS source tells us that there could be more drama for some celebrities and a prominent businessman as investigators sift through information provided by Richard Buttrose, the high profile Eastern Suburbs social figure and nephew of TV identity Ita Buttrose.
.               Buttrose was arrested in February this year after a police sting at the favourite Sydney drinking hole of royals Prince Harry and Princess Anne's daughter  Zara Phillips, the Lord Dudley pub in Woolhaha. Buttrose was released on bail only to be re-arrested after police raided an apartment he owned and found over one million dollars in cash there and a stash of cocaine police claimed was worth $3M. Buttrose pleaded guilty to the supply charges and is believed to have given exstensive information to police about the names found in his mobile phone.
            It's said the tremors of fear that ran through Sydney society over his arrest have put many on edge but despite police claims they had smashed the city's major coke supply source, the Kit and Kaboodle raid shows the easy access to the drug in dozens of nightclubs around the town.
           Ironically, Lasance's soapie character is an anti-drug campaigner and he was just about to travel to Hollywood following the successful of Avatar star and friend Sam Worthington.