Friday, December 4, 2009

Rupert fibbed...

"An old monk shuffling around in Gucci loafers" is how Rupert Murdoch described the Dalai Lama. Not quite-sensible Hush Puppies is the choice of His Holiness and he ties his own laces as you can see in our exclusive (c) snap.

The Tibetian holy man was in Sydney for a 2 day science forum titled the Mind and it's Potential. And some of American's finest minds were on hand for the discussions including Dr. Martin Seligman who has been appointed by president Barack Obama to oversee the mental health of the USA's 1.1 million military troops.

Another guest was Dr. Paul Ekman (right)
 He's the inspiration for the TV series Lie to Me starring Tim Roth. Dr Ekman is currently working with the Pentagon and observing police in order to train them to recognise an impending violent act seconds before it occurs, via micro-
expressions, "enough time to take protective action," he says. Wow.

 The Dalai Lama has an extraordinary affect on people. As he works waiting fans and clutches their hands many either burst into tears or laughter. Even the Commonwealth coppers guarding him seemed to be on a high as one commented to tSS, that he had never enjoyed looking after an important figure so much. It's difficult to describe what this conference was about. You had to be there.There wasn't a dull moment and tSS came away on a high as well.