Friday, December 25, 2009

No 11 in " Madame Arcati's 10 most stupid journalists of 2009 "

From Melbourne's The Age-one of the oldest and once most respected broadsheets in the world, comes a wacky piece by Lawrence Money titled "Three Gays and A Baby".

It concerns a lesbian couple from Ireland, who now live in Australia, who were ordered by the Irish Supreme Court to allow regular visitation rights to the biological father of their three year old child, because Ireland's constitution recognises him as the father.

Lawrence Money quotes from a " Longitudinal Study of Lesbian Families’ in 1999 by Susan Golombok and Fiona Tasker (which) found that 15 per cent of 39 children raised in 27 lesbian families had gone on to have a gay relationship. That compares with none of the kids from a comparative group of heterosexual families." That's a US study involving possibly around 150 people in a population of (then) about 280 million.

 Money follows with the claim "and that also compares with about two or three percent of the general community who identify as exclusively homosexual. It doesn’t do much for the old gay-rights argument that homosexuals are born, not made, does it?" Uhhh?

 Money should have read the 2008 report from the same group here that shows that the very prejudicial garbage Money writes is one of the problems kids in same sex parents families face.

 Money draws these conclusions about his "two or three percent of the general community"-which in Australia alone would number 600 to 700,000 gays and lesbians or in the USA approx 9 million from a study of "39 children raised in 27 lesbian families"

So where the fuck does Money think these "two or three percent "of gays and lesbians come from given that same parent families are a miniscule minority?. Is he inferring they were "made" by their heterosexual parents ?

Step up to podium Mr Money and proudly  accept your Jan Moir Homophobic Fuckwit of The Year award.

## Lawrence concludes "I've long held the view that humans should need a licence to breed.". Be warned. tSS has finally perfected a time machine and set the date to 1960 and upon arrival will be immediately revoking Mr & Mrs Money's licence to re-produce.

### our apologies to Mr Money for mispelling his name as Mooney-which a fellow blogger reminds us rhymes with loony, and he is not to be confused with the very funny comedian Lawrence Mooney. Sub-editor Mildred Pierce the moggie has been allowed back into the office-for now-tSS accepts the blame.