Friday, December 18, 2009

Hugh Jackman film shock ! bestiality, sodomy, violence, rape and children

This could be your only chance to see this shocking film where squeaky clean Hugh Jackman talks about his sordid Christmas memories.

     Next year Federal Communication's Minister Stephen Conroy intends to introduce net nanny filtering to protect vunerable Aussies and to bring the country into line with those other bastions of democracy-Iran, Burma, China, Uzbekistan and errr, that's it. Every subject covered in this vid will come under the filter.

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The mighty world-wide News Ltd empire today brings news of a tale blogged by tSS over 6 weeks ago as Alexandre Despallieres (left) the French "husband", or widow(er) of Warners Music identity Australian Peter Ikin who tragically died a year ago, faces a London court over a dispute concerning Ikin's $20M estate.
       Despallieres must possess classic French charm as he is also being hauled through the High Court by  Rod Stewart's manager Billy Gaff over a million pound dispute. Gaff is no fool and it's been a few decades since anyone was able to pull the wool over Gaff's eyes but he claims he fell under Despallieres' spell.

## update : The Sydney Morning Herald's Andrew Hornery reports  Despallieres was granted £500,000 after reaching  an out of court settlement with lawyers with Ikin's original beneficeries to split the remainder of the $20M estate. The Frenchman still has to face Billy Gaff in a London court over Gaff's claim for $1M.