Tuesday, December 22, 2009

exclusive :Nicole Kidman wishes the Shuttle a Merry Christmas

Missed by every media outlet , Nicole Kidman was at the Woolworth's Carols in the Domain with assorted Kidman clan members. (naturally-in the VIP section)

Nicole, looking extremely pale, was with her parents Antony and Janelle and her 2 nephews, Hamish and James the sons of sister Antonia. tSS asked the star if she really was planning to quit Sydney and received a wink in reply and an "all the best for the holiday season and have a great new year ". And she thanked tSS for pocketing our camera but was happy to pose with fans. Always the gent, we wished her, Sunday Rose and Keith a Happy Christmas !
Aren't we nice ?

Entertaining the Kidmans and about 50,000 others was the Gondwana National Indigenous Children’s Choir . Leo Sayer, Kate Cerbrano and Ronan Keating,

## a missive arrives from a PR consultant almost instantly with a request we give the Domain carol's get-together it's correct name ie : Woolworth's etc. Always happy to oblige as the funds raised go towards the Salvation Army's Oasis Youth Network. How pleasing to know that the huge profits generated by the monopoly controlled by Woolies and Coles on food supply in Australia is put to some good use.
### another missive arrives objecting to the word "monopoly" . We defer..that should read "near monopoly". Roll on the giant German ALDI cut price supermarkets that are springing up around the land.

#### while we receive many lovely emails from readers this odd one arrived from fawaz2002 :

"I would spit in your face if i saw you...you 38 years old Gay piece shit".

Dear fawaz2002
there is a lovely lady who is into the practice you appear to enjoy-she can be found at http://www.spittingmistress.com/. Tell her I sent you and you could get a discount. And many thanks for the compliment-I am in fact 39 and have been for many years. But you are cruel-is 38 old ?