Tuesday, December 8, 2009

credit where it's due...

Top TV network, the former Kerry Packer owned TCN 9  is boasting on youtube in a news promo the fact that their political reporter Kevin Wilde:  "three months ago (Kevin Wilde) broke the news that Kristina Keneally would be our next premier,'' .

Wilde was slightly out in his predictions-he claimed Keneally would take the helm on Sept 1st- whereas the Social Shuttle said 3 months ago that " The Shuttle confidently predicts that within 2 months the new state premier will be 40 year old American born Kristina Keneally.". Wilde reported Keneally's ascension on Dec 3rd on the 10.30pm news. tSS blogged the news at 7.45pm the same night.

We were out by 4 weeks, Wilde by 3 months.
Channel Nine staff : 2000 plus . the Social Shuttle staff : 3 plus one cat.

## Tomorrow : tSS resident Thailand spy and former top Nine network GTV 9 sports broadcaster Rob Astbury reports on the latest goings-on in the seaside playground of Pattaya .