Thursday, December 24, 2009

a Christmas present for Kristina

     When NSW premier Kristina Keneally said in November 2009 that she "would never be premier of NSW", tSS chortled into our G&T(s). We knew better as we had confidently predicted 3 months earlier that she would be premier by November. She was by the 3rd of December.
     Like most psychics, we are sometimes a little out in our sooth-saying but certainly score better than every other media outlet in the State. Indeed, most of the media including the normally sane Sydney Morning Herald have gone into a overdrive proclaiming her the 'puppet premier" of Labor Party power brokers Eddie Obeid and Joe Tripodi-pictured left- (as if any political leader gets to the top without strings being pulled).
     Even Kristina's soft and pleasant American accent came in for a xenophobic bashing as nameless (to spare them blushes) political pundits declared Aussies would hate her accent, oblivious to the fact 21 million of them are glued to television every night watching Yankee crime shows.
      Born in Las Vegas and a former aide to the Governor of Ohio-with a BA in political studies and a stint as a union organiser with the powerful US Teamsters Union, Keneally is also a committed Roman Catholic who met her husband Ben, nephew of writer Thomas Keneally at the World Youth Day in Poland in 1991. And therein lies the rub. Political journos in their ivory towers continually ignore the power of the Catholic church in Oz. Obeid and Tripodi have plotted this move for over 12 months now and tSS goes on record with another bold prediction.
         No-the deck chairs haven't been re-arranged on the Titanic as the very amusing song below says-mimicking the dingbats on the Herald and Daily Telegraph who have been running on pure hysteria for a month now with their 'citizen's petitions' demanding an early state election (seemingly oblivious to the fixed 4 year term that prevents such an action)-we now announce that Keneally and her deputy premier Carmel Tebbit will be swept back into power in 12 months time.
        Why will they not listen ?.We urged the Federal Liberals not to ditch the cleverest leader they have ever had-Malcolm Turnbull, which means they will be thrashed at the polls by Kevin Rudd in '10 and Turnbull may well form a break-away political party (you heard it here first) or defect to Labor.
         And we suggested they do away with their ever so nice but dull state leader Barry O'Farrell (formely Fatty O'Barrel until his weight loss) as it's written in the stars and predicted by us-he will never lead the state. I've seen it all in the tea-leaves.

an ode to Kristina :